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Reserves roll Revs, Califf & Co. roll Easter Eggs, more

Photo: Courtesy of Philadelphia Union

Philadelphia Union

The Union reserves were impressive in their 4–2 win over New England reserves on Monday morning. Josue Martinez scored two while Antoine Hoppenot and Cristhian Hernandez each had a goal. New England scored first from a Kenny Mansally penalty kick when Chase Harrison leveled Blake Brettschneider early in the first half. Mansally scored New England’s second goal in what amounted to be the last play of the game.

Starting for the Union was Chase Harrison, Jimmy McLaughlin, Raymon Gaddis, Greg Jordan, Cristhian Hernandez, Amobi Okugo, Jack McInerney, Roger Torres, Zach Pfeffer, Josue Martinez and Antoine Hoppenot. When Roger Torres left due to a knee injury midway through the first half, Chandler Hoffman came on with Pfeffer moving into the middle. During the second half, Martinez was replaced by academy player Darius Madison and McInerney by Keegan Rosenberry.

Union reserve team coach Brendan Burke said of the play, “I thought for our first time out, the first time as a group, I couldn’t be much happier with how they played.”

Danny Callif, Brian Carroll and Zac MacMath were at the White House on Monday, along with Kenny Cooper and Stephen Keel of the New York Red Bulls and D.C. United’s Stephen King, Robbie Russell, Chris Pontius and head coach Ben Olsen. “Any time there’s something that’s emailed to you with ‘White House’ in the title, it’ll give you a double-take,” said Califf. “To be able to do this—and take my family along—is probably one of the coolest experiences that I’ve had. I’m honored.”

It’s Dollar Dog Day at PPL Park this Saturday!

Philly Soccer News looks at Peter Nowak’s commitment to the Union’s youth. Nowak says, “Red Bulls released two homegrown players. What kind of message is that? I don’t want to do that.”


If you are Lancaster-native and former Reading United player Andrew Wenger, what do you do after scoring the game-winning goal in Montreal Impact’s first victory? Fly back to Duke for class.


Thierry Henry becomes the first player to be named Player of the Week three times in-a-row.

The Guardian has five things learned from last weekend’s games.

Are the Red Bulls peaking at the wrong time?

Women’s Soccer

Seattle Sounders Women, with Hope Solo, Alex Morgan, Sydney Leroux and Stephanie Cox, drew an estimated 4,000 spectators for Monday’s exhibition game against Seattle Pacific. Sounders Women won 5–0 with Morgan having a goal and an assist.

Soccer Nation looks at another MLS-affiliated W-League team, DC United Women.


Clint “The Truth” Dempsey scores again as Fulham draw 1–1 with Chelsea.

The USMNT U-17’s defeated Mexico 1–0 to finish fifth in the Mondial Minimes tournament in France.

Remember Werner Roth? He played the captain of the German team in the movie Victory. Well, he also captained the Cosmos and played for the USMNT in the 1970s. He looks back on the old NASL days and says of MLS, “The current MLS seems more work than play, but seems to have a future.” What does he think about a Cosmos’ revival? “Perhaps they should just stay in our memory banks.”


Kenny Dalglish thinks there may be a conspiracy against Liverpool. You can watch Liverpool at Blackburn today at 3pm on FSC.

Mario Balotelli, who could be facing a nine-match ban, says he’s sorry.


  1. Was watching the Chelsea/Fulham game via an awful stream while on Amtrak…stream literally cuts out as Deuce’s head makes contact with ball and Ian Darke yelling “DEMPSEEEE.” and then cuts back in with him celebrating. Jumped up in my seat with everyone looking at me like a crazy person. Love that man.

    • Good one. Didn’t I tell you here months ago that he was on fire!

      Also, didn’t I also predict around that time that Tottenham would be caught?! Surprisingly by New Castle who have done some amazing things in Europe: talking about having brilliant scouts who find brilliant players dirt cheap!!! I mean they offload Carroll for more than 50million pounds and find Cisse for less than 10!

      Here is another prediction: Everton will beat Liverpool on Saturday.

      • The Black Hand says:

        Dempsey has been the man. I see Harry Redknapp taking a good hard look at him, if City hangs on to Adebayor. Newcastle has been the best in transfer value by far. No way in hell the Reds lose to Everton…I hope. Miserable season for the Merseysiders this year, but pride (and Stevie G) will get them past Everton.

  2. The Black Hand says:

    Torres was seen on crutches after the reserves match. Not good. He has had problems going, anywhere near, a full 90 minutes and this ankle injury will further hinder his conditioning. It is tough to lose players like this, but I don’t disagree with the decision to play him in this match. His form, with the top club, had been awful and this was a chance for him to gain some confidence. On the bright side, Josue Martinez netted a brace, making a strong argument for himself to start up top. i think a pairing with Pajoy is due. The two are technically skilled and might be able to get something going up front…that is if someone can deliver from the midfield. This is where Freddy Adu becomes our x factor. If he could slot into the CAM position, (and play the way we have heard he can play), we would have that missing link. I hate to say it but a lot is riding on the shoulders of, gulp, Fred Adu. He can step up and be the man for us…right?

    • The Black Hand says:

      I would love to see:
      Williams Valdez Califf Garfan
      Keon Marfan
      Martinez Pajoy

      • snugsmac-rejects says:

        I agree completely with the Black Hand here. Only trouble is the boss will not sit Carroll, which is a big mistake at this point. While still a useful player, we simply cannot throw two holding mid’s out there all the time…and put simply Gomez is our best current field player. So that leaves us with one striker, which has been the way Nowak has been basically playing it…and why we have not scored goals. Our record, and offensive production is as much his poor managing as it is poor play….and maybe even more so.

      • The Black Hand says:

        Agree. Nowak will not sit Carroll, and we will continue to put up zeroes.

      • nowak has shown over and over that he will change up everything except what doesn’t work

      • this is the right lineup. danny for martinez/pajoy in the second half if it doesn’t work.

      • Totally agree with your lineup. I hate to sit Carroll, but Gomez looks great. I agree Carroll IS the perfect 2nd half sub to help protect the lead…and there will be a lead to protect if we use your lineup!

  3. Richie The Limey says:

    Why do people keep expecting / hoping that Adu will provide the answer to our lack of creativity in midfield? The guy is a stiff. Always has been, always will be.

    • The Black Hand says:

      Adu’s numbers in the MLS are actually not that bad at all.

    • snugsmac-rejects says:

      Torres can’t get on the field and Adu is our only other option at that spot. The USA team HAS to see something in him….don’t they? I personally have never seen a damn thing from him, but what else do we have. And with basically 6 defenders every game we aren’t gonna score anyway. (GOMEZ and Carroll starting at the same DMF spot every game is strangling us)

      • The Black Hand says:

        Exactly. We should only have two CDM’s if we are protecting a lead. By starting two low mids, we will never get a lead to protect.

  4. snugsmac-rejects says:

    What should be our 11 every game

    Williams, Califf, Valdez, Garfan
    Keon (Marfan of Carroll)
    ADU (or Torres)
    Martinez and Pajoy (sub Mwanga)

    Guys who should not see the field at this point:

    • you’re short a player

      • snugsmac-rejects says:

        next to keon it should say Marfan OR Carroll. It should really be Marfan because Carroll prob will not play wide….but we be an excellent mid-field sub in the second half for defensive purposes.


        KEON, MARFAN (sub Carroll for defense if needed)
        ADU (sub Roger)
        Martinez, Pajoy (sub Mwanga)

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