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“Significant signings” TBA next week

Carlos Valdes


The Union has a couple of posts on their website about the Bimbo shirt sponsorship deal. Of particular interest is this quote from Nick Sakiewicz. “In about a week, fans will begin to see the impact of this partnership because we’re going to be announcing some significant player signings.” Totalmente impresionante!

Sakiewicz’ comments may lend some veracity centerback Carlos Valdes. Diego Gutierrez already putting in work as Philly’s player personnel guy.” Then, on Tuesday, he tweeted, “Sources tell me Philadelphia Union deal for Colombian goalkeeper Faryd Mondragon is done and should be announced in the next week.”

Question: Could an impending Carlos Valdes deal mean that Michael Orozco Fiscal’s loan is unlikely to be extended?

Back to the pieces on the Union website about the Bimbo deal. One looks at the deal as a move that will lead to global recognition given awareness of the Bimbo brand in the international soccer community (América, Chivas and Monterrey in the Mexican Primera Division and Deportiva Saprissa in Costa Rica) all bear the Bimbo logo) and says the Union’s very credible performance against international clubs over the summer demonstrated the club would be a credible partner.

Another piece lays out further the financial and marketing benefits of the deal. (The quotes are all from Nick Sakiewicz.)


  • “The financial investment that Bimbo is making allows us to sign better players and invest in our player development system, allows us to invest in practice facilities and improvements to the stadium, allows us to do things on the financial side that we were maybe holding off on or couldn’t do before.”


  • “Bimbo is going to take the Philadelphia Union brand to the marketplace at retail, so in stores like Acme and ShopRite, Walmart and Target, all these various retailers where Bimbo sells its products, there will be a Philadelphia Union presence.” Underscoring the point in the piece above, Sakiewicz also says, “The other thing that Bimbo does for us is it elevates the Philadelphia Union brand, not only nationally but internationally…You’re talking about a company that has a rich heritage of soccer in their blood…this is a company that is very deeply rooted in soccer, which is going to help the Union brand nationally, from coast to coast, as well as overseas.”

Could a Bimbo Cup be in the offing? That would certainly be cool.

WYSP DJ, and friend of the Philly Soccer Page, Gordon shot some video of the Bimbo announcement that includes a chat with Sebastien Le Toux. Check it out here.

Sexist? How about adorable.

This ESPNW blog asks, “Is the Union’s new sponsorship deal sexist?” I imagine the people who think it is use thought processes similar to those who concluded they would not support the team because the name “Union” offends their anti-labor [in]sensibilities.

The Inquirer has in yesterday’s news roundup, can the “professional” journalists please stop it with the stupid food/eating related puns. You’re better than that. At least I hope you are)

The Soccer America mock draft has the Union selecting defender AJ Soares. “Penn State and Reading, Pa., product Corey Hertzog would be a great pick but unless the Union is importing some speed in the back line, with [Jalil] Anibaba gone [picked by Chivas one pick ahead of the Union in their mock draft], the Cal kid Soares gets the call.” They project Zarek Valentin going to Houston and Hertzog going to Real Salt Lake.

SI’s Steve Davis has the Union selecting Zarek Valentin.

Ed Farnsworth has the Union selecting, oh, I don’t know, the 1966 Franz Beckenbauer and trading for the 1974 Johan Cryuff.

Here’s what Hertzog has to say about being drafted by the Union. “Going to Philly is my number one team and I would love to go there. People have told me that they are fighting really hard for the homegrown player but unfortunately they couldn’t because they were such a new team.”

In a piece on MLSSoccer.com, Hertzog says, “I have a lot of family from around here and we’re hoping for that No. 5 pick with Philly. I’d love to play for the Union and be close to home.”


Following the departure of Edson Buddle, LA Galaxy have traded their first round pick in the Supplemental Draft to DC United for the injury hampered former Rookie of the Year finalist Adam Christman.

MLS Talk says the departure of Buddle to second division Bundesliga side Ingolstadt is a disgrace for MLS.

Here’s a roundup of moves made by Columbus, Chicago, Toronto and Chivas this week.

New England Revolution sign 32-year-old French left back Didier Domi.

Cobi Jones is leaving LA Galaxy after being hired as director of soccer for MLS hopefuls the New York Cosmos.

John Rooney is happy to get out from under his brother’s shadow.

DC United’s search for a new stadium “has gone from a relatively minor endeavor to a very high-priority endeavor on my part,” according to team owner Will Chang.

No relation.

David Beckham limps off of the Tottenham training ground. The reason? He has a blister.


A new regional women’s professional league, Women’s Major League Soccer (no connection to MLS), has formed.


Teal Bunbury is profiled by the New York Times.

Why are the NFL and NFL fans mimicing US national team supporters?

The US remains at 18 in the FIFA rankings. Spain remains at no. 1 with no changes in the Top Ten except for Croatia and Egypt trading the no. 9 and no, 10 spot. Qatar moves up nine places to no. 105.


UEFA president Michel Platini says club’s must conform to new financial fair play rules or “face the music.” More on what this means here. The Guardian has a cool slide show display to explain things further.

In related news, Manchester City say the signing of Edin Dzeko signals the end of their spending splurge and pledge to adhere to UEFA rules.

Meanwhile, here’s “What United spends their money on – the definitive guide.”

The head of England’s FA calls a winter World Cup in 2022 a “logistical nightmare.”


  1. OK, that BIMBO bear is insanely cute. Could you imagine the reaction if it were on the jersey as well?

    In regards to this statement from Sakiewicz: “Bimbo is going to take the Philadelphia Union brand to the marketplace at retail, so in stores like Acme and ShopRite, Walmart and Target, all these various retailers where Bimbo sells its products, there will be a Philadelphia Union presence.” …does this mean their products will have something like “Proud sponsor of MLS and the Philadelphia Union” stamped on to them? Is that how this kind of thing works? I would guess not but, what do i know?

  2. In other news, World Cup 2022 host Qatar was throttled 2-0 in opening round play of the Asian Nations Cup. The loss came not at the hands of Australia or Japan or South Korea but by way of Uzbekistan.

    Today, the newly released FIFA rankings saw Qatar jump 9 places UP the table, in the process passing the mighty Uzbekistani side that mauled them.

    Ex-squeeze me? Baking powder?

  3. Marek Mintal rumors are floating around there also. I did not think much of them until I heard Nick’s comments about moves coming next week. This article claims he is coming to sign the contract next week. http://www.mls-rumors.net/13940/2011/01/incoming-marek-mintal-to-philly-union-update-slovak-striker-en-route-to-philly-set-to-earn-1million-over-three-years/

  4. I really hope for a valdez signing but i dont want it at the expense of michael orozco fiscal, my favorite union player. He’s certainly the most versatile and i’d say most consistent back line player we have.

  5. Saw a tweet that Valdez wants to go to Once Caldas …

  6. As owner of DCU , I only do things that benefits me. Sports franchise are such good investments. Never mind, it is losing money. I get to be famous. I couldn’t be an ambassador, so I had to find something to have my ego stroked.

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