US Soccer History

1934: USA vs. Mexico and the “little truck”

This weekend, the US faces Mexico in a one-off game to reach the 2017 Confederations Cup. The first time the US played a one-off playoff game was also against Mexico in 1934 with a World Cup berth at stake.

Philadelphia Soccer History

Philly and the US Open Cup Final

As the Union prepare to host their second US Open Cup final, a look at Philadelphia-area teams in the final throughout the history of the country’s oldest national soccer tournament, which has had local winners ten times since 1914.

US Soccer History

Pro/rel and the “Fricker Plan”: Killed or never was?

Was a plan to introduce promotion/relegation in US professional soccer before the 1994 World Cup killed? Steve Holroyd looks at the evidence.

Commentary / US Soccer History

Another soccer war?

Steve Holroyd on what happened the last time two professional soccer leagues were rivals for Division I status in 1967.

Philadelphia Soccer History / SEPA Soccer Hall of Fame

2015 SEPA Soccer Hall of Fame class honored

Bob McBride reports on the banquet honoring the 2015 class of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Soccer Hall of Fame.

Philadelphia Soccer History

Like father, like son

At 94 years old, Ray Lynch may be the oldest surviving Lighthouse Boys Club player. But his story isn’t just that of a Scotch-Irish immigrant playing the game of his father, it’s also part of the story of the movement of soccer in the US from its urban origins to the suburbs.

Philadelphia Soccer History

The founding of the Eastern Pennsylvania Soccer Association

A look at the founding of the EPSA, originally known as the Foot Ball Association of Eastern Pennsylvania and District, in April, 1913, six days after the founding of the United States of America Football Association, known today as the US Soccer Federation.

US Soccer History

Looking back at the 1979 NASL players strike

MLS players have been vocal about their willingness to strike if a new CBA is not reached. What can be learned from the 1979 strike by NASL players?

Local / Philadelphia Soccer History

A champion’s medal comes home

Last Friday, a 103-year-old championship medal won by a Scottish goalkeeper in Philadelphia returned to the city to the Southeastern Pennsylvania Soccer Hall of Fame. Here’s the story of the goalkeeper who won that medal and how it came back from Scotland to Philly.


New Year’s Day soccer in Philly, 1915

There were many noteworthy games over the New Year’s Day holiday one hundred years ago in Philadelphia.