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USA vs. Team Peanuts previews, Tim Howard interviews

USA vs. Slovenia previews, England vs. Algeria previews, Tim Howard interviews, and apparently the French aren’t very good when they can’t use their hands.

Soccer on TV

PSP’s bootleg guide to watching soccer online

For those stuck at work and unable to watch the U.S.-Slovenia game, here’s PSP’s super-secret guide to watching soccer online in all the places you’re not supposed to know about.

USMNT / World / World Cup

US v. Slovenia Preview

The US has a great chance to ensure their place in the knockout stages with a win against Slovenia tomorrow. Good luck USA!!!!

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Stop acting like the U.S. won or deserved a point

In the World Cup, there is a small reward for the team that only does well in a rivalry game, and a big reward for consistency. While the Americans have shown the ability to elevate their defensive game to match strong offenses like England, producing any kind of consistent attack is something they have yet to show.

Daily news roundups

More delicious World Cup news

The Slovenians talk smack, causing Tim Howard to chuckle. Findley on playing against guys he watches on TV and Onyewu on his popularity in South Africa. Why the TV ratings for the World Cup are so good, why soccer is here to stay, and why Glenn Beck can shut up. Reaction to Spain’s defeat, other WC tidbits, video of North Korea’s 1-0 victory over Brazil and some local news to boot.

Casa Soccer League / Local / Local Leagues

Casa round-up: More Playoffs

Cannons continue a cinderella run, two #1 seeds go down, Segunda and Tercera are set for massive showdowns in the semis. Casa round-up: semifinal edition!

World Cup - International

Spain Falls to Switzerland

La Furia Roja didn’t take their opponents seriously enough, and a blind squirrel of a team found an historic nut.

Harrisburg City Islanders / Local

US Open Cup win for City Islanders

Geoff Bloes scored a late equalizer to push the US Open Cup match against Brooklyn Italians into extra time.

Daily news roundups

WC round-up, USA-England in LEGOs, more…

Defenders: 6 goals

Midfielders: 12 goals

Strikers: 5 goals (1 PK, 3 German)

Come on down, Mr. Vittek. You are the only striker to score an open field goal against a non-Australian defense.

World Cup - International

Portugal draws Ivory Coast; Ronaldo draws ire

The battle for second was cagey, yet entertaining.