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A quick word on Thursday’s Super Draft from John Hackworth

Photo: Barb Colligon

The Union sent out a press release on Wednesday morning that includes a brief Q&A with John Hackworth on Thursday’s SuperDraft. Here’s what the Union head coach had to say.

Question: Are you looking at particular positions to draft players this year or would you take the best players available? 

Answer: That depends on who is available. We feel like we have addressed our positional needs already this off-season, but we still have a few spots where we would like to add depth. If a player is still available that we really like and he fits one of those specific spots, great. If there is a player who we really like no matter what, we could go that way as well.

Q: What role has Reading United played in helping you scout potential players?

A: We believe that Reading United is an essential part of our player development and scouting structure. Obviously with Brendan (Burke), we work very closely with Reading, but Art Auchenbach and Troy Snyder have been fantastic as well.

Q: How much scouting have you done personally relative to Assistant Coaches Brendan Burke and Rob Vartughian?

A: Not as much as Brendan and Rob, but we all share the responsibility of knowing the player pool very well.  Also, Jim Curtin has done as much scouting as the rest of us. In the end, it is a really important part of our long term success.

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  1. “We feel like we have addressed our positional needs already this off-season.” Really? Good thing they hired Ansaldi.

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