World Cup – International

World Cup - International

Told ya so… (Edition 2)

Matchday 6… Spain plays it first match. South Africa are back at it. Honduras gets its show on the road. Who will make the headlines?

World Cup - International

Told ya so . . . (1st Edition)

A forum to get all your best predictions out there. Match scores. Goalscorers. Red card earners. You name it.

World Cup - International

Teams we love to hate: Italy

The Azzuri just bug me in a way that no other team does. It’s that deadly combination of the “gamesmanship” (see Zidane, Zinedine) and the less than creative style of play that bores me half way to death.

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Slovenia v. Algeria, what can the US expect

A look at what the Slovenians and Algerians bring to the table.

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Group C – Can the US live up to the hype? Can England?

United States vs. England is getting all the press, but the other group matches will be more important in deciding who advances out of Group C. Algeria and Slovenia have the tools to make life miserable for the Yanks and the Brits.

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Group B – Messi is all that… but is Argentina?

What’s Group B looking like? Argentinian firepower, a bus with Greek license plates, Nigerian oomph, and South Korea verve.

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World Cup preview podcast on KYW Newsradio

PSP’s Dan Walsh joins Greg Orlandini of KYW Newsradio for a podcast to preview the World Cup and perhaps the most anticipated U.S. national team match ever: Saturday against England. Click here for the podcast on KYW.

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Group A – Players (and Coaches) to Watch

With the South Africa vs Mexico kicking off the 2010 World Cup in only a few days, it seems a good time to give our USA-focused analysis a well-deserved rest and look around at the rest of the field. Here’s a look at Group A.

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Who Are Ya? (World Cup Sendoff Edition)

Who Are Ya talks to USA fans after the US defeat of Turkey on Saturday

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Fantasy World Cup with the Philly Soccer Page

Play Fantasy World Cup with the PSP! We’re giving away a pair of Union tickets to the winner.