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Told ya so . . . (1st Edition)

As I sat on my friend’s couch watching Germany demolish and humiliate Australia, I found myself rooting for the 5-0 result and the 2 red cards I had predicted as the match began. I only got 4 goals and 1 red card (could have been at least 2 more), but it made me wonder what if we had a forum for our wild (and sometimes rational) predictions to be etched into immortal internet stone so that years down the road you can prove that yes, you did pick France-Uruguay to finish nil all.

Marek Hamsik SCORES!!!

My friend’s, this is that forum. I’ll start off each day with a few predictions of my own and then open up the floor. I’ll give a shout out (when appropriate) for accurate picks from the day before and we’ll see where it goes from there.

Extra points for predicting goalscorers, red cards and other absurd behaviors.

So . . .

Matchday 5, June 15, 2010

Slovakia 3–0 New Zealand

36 year-old Simon Elliott is still being described as the rock of the New Zealand midfield. That is bad . . . real bad. Look for an underrated Slovakia team to be the first of three whoopings for the All Whites. Marek Hamsik is a player on the rise. He’ll announce himself with a brace.

Kaka leads a mauling

Ivory Coast 1–1 Portugal

A dour match played out between an Ivory Coast team fighting to find an identity—whether or not Drogba plays—and a selfish team of 11 Portuguese individuals. I am fearful that a match that appeared so enticing when drawn won’t pan out to be much of a spectacle.

Brazil 4–0 North Korea

North Korea may be shrouded in secrecy, but they’re still going to be awful. Even the new look, neutral zone trapping Bore-zil will run riot. 4 different players will score.

Am I wrong? Or am I wrong?  The floor is yours . . .

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