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Player Ratings: USA 1-2 Belgium

The lack of a consistent American attack made things far too easy for the Belgians and were it not for Tim Howard, they likely would have wrapped things up in normal time.

World Cup: Predictions

World Cup Predictions: Round of 16

Kevin Kinkead has grabbed the lead for himself, but Jonathan Tannenwald and Mike Servedio are only 1 and 2 points behind, respectively.

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Keeping up with the Cup: Groups G & H

Portugal and Ghana proved they were the bottom of the group while the Russian ensured they would all sleep with thoughts of angry Putin in their heads. Belgium slunk by South Korea to set up a showdown with the US of A.

World Cup: Recaps

Keeping up with Cup: Groups E & F

Messi magic, shockingly good Shaqiri, and signs of improvement from Nigeria were the highlights as Argentina and France looked like the clear frontrunners coming out of their respective groups.

Photo by Earl Gardner
2014 World Cup / Commentary

Mark Geiger flips the Geiger Counter

South Jersey native Mark Geiger’s MLS officiating has been notable enough (for the wrong reasons) to start the Geiger Counter as a regular measure of bad MLS refereeing. His stellar performance at the World Cup forces a reevaluation.

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Keeping up with the Cup: Groups C and D

England and Italy are out, Uruguay is through, but Suarez is done. And we all get the joy of watching Greece grind out another 90 minutes in the knockout rounds.

World Cup: Predictions

World Cup Predictions: Group Stage – Round 3

Jonathan Tannenwald and Kevin Kinkead are leading the way through two rounds, but Leo Fernandes and PSP’s Eli Pearlman-Storch are nipping at their heels.

World Cup: Recaps

World Cup Recap: USMNT 2–2 Portugal

Down after five minutes, the US battled back to take the late lead only to concede the equalizer in stoppage time.

World Cup: Second Teams

Second Team: The Netherlands

The 2010 Runners-Up are aging, but could the Dutch finally grab their first World Cup trophy in a year few expect it to happen? Earl Reed looks at the situation for the Oranje.

World Cup: Second Teams

Second Teams: Colombia

Everybody loves an underdog, especially one that can win. Thomas Hardy on why you should support Colombia as your second World Cup team.