World Cup: Predictions

World Cup Predictions: The Semifinals

And there were four.

With two sides from South America and the other two from Europe, four traditional powerhouses square off in Tuesday and Wednesday’s semifinals. Despite three appearances in the final, the Dutch are the only remaining nation never to have lifted the World Cup. Brazil (5), Germany (3) and Argentina (2) however, hold 10 titles between them.

In the race to claim the first ever PSP World Cup Predictions Cup, the action is similarly intense. Kevin Kinkead continues to hold off Jonathan Tannenwald by the slimmest of margins at the top of the table. In third place, Mike Servedio’s lead over Dave Zeitlin is down to only 1 point, with Antoine Hoppenot and Jimmy McLaughlin just 2 points off of a top 3 finish.

Union Clairvoyants

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PSP Prognosticators

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Media Oracles

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Prediction Notes
  • Germany, at 8-7, gets the slightest of nods over the hosts, Brazil, given the injury to Neymar and suspension to Thiago Silva.
  • After seeing the Dutch advance through the tournament in less than convincing fashion, only Ed Farnsworth and Mike Servedio have the Oranje making it to the final.


  1. my only hope for this tournament is arjen robben has an ethical epiphany and retires from the game out of overwhelming shame

    • If he held a retirement press conference, he would leave with the microphone after he finished rather than pass it to his teammates.

    • George H says:

      Yeah because no one else in the history of soccer has ever gone down with minimal contact.

  2. Interesting comments regarding Arjen Robben above. While theatrical yes, Robben has easily been one of the lone bright sports for Holland. His play has been intricate and exacting and among the best in the whole event. Frankly i can’t stand him but it is easy IMO to recognize his genius.

    • George H says:

      Agreed, he’s actually even gotten better with age which is impressive for a pacey player who’s 30.

    • when he isn’t diving to the ground after flipping through the air three times when he feels an opposing defender’s leg hairs brush against the back of his shorts he is an exciting and skilled player to watch

      • What is unethical about diving. If players in Europe didn’t dive the game would be a mauling more similar to what we see in MLS. I would take diving over what I saw from Zuniga on Neymar. I’m not a fan of diving please don’t get me wrong but I understand it’s place In the game. It keeps defenders honest.

      • i dont like diving or mauling. it is possible to have a game that has neither

      • Anyone for tennis? 🙂

      • George H says:

        The foul by Zuniga wasn’t even that bad, it was a fluke that Neymar even got hurt from that.

        If you asked most players if they could choose either being on the end of a tackle like Zuniga’s or a typical slide tackle, they would chose Zuniga’s as there is much less of a chance for injury.

  3. Save a resounding effort from Brazilian defense resulting in 0-0 draw grouch 2 hours I fear the weight of a nation’s World Cup aspirations are upon the slight shoulders of Oscar. Scollari will hopefully put him in middle of field this afternoon and let him run the show. Time will tell if he has moxy to pull the right strings. I am hoping for him. I think a Brazil Argentina final is perfect end for this event.

    • Brazil-Argentina is what I’ve been hoping for. What better than a South American border war in Brazil for the World Cup? Except for the US being in it.

  4. I knew when khedira stormed up the field in first 5 minutes the yellow team was in trouble. He had no quarter no respect and no fear of retribution.

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