World Cup: Predictions

World Cup Predictions: Round two

Photo courtesy of FIFA

The World Cup is in full swing, and we’ve already seen some pretty surprising results.

You can get some sense of how surprising from our PSP predictions pool.

Only one of our experts — Ryan Rose — picked Mexico to topple Germany. Same with the result of yesterday’s Colombia-Japan match, with Gerald van Wilgen the sole entrant to pick Japan.

After one round of matches, here are the standings.

  • Staci Klemmer, Jeremy Lane, Dave Zeitlin — 10 points
  • Gerald van Wilgen — 9 points
  • Jim O’Leary, Dan Walsh, Earl Gardner — 8 points
  • Rashaad Jorden, Ryan Rose, Paul Rudderow, Ryan Griffith, Nick Fishman, John Osborn — 7 points
  • Tim Jones, Josh Trott, Mike Servedio, Joe Tansey, Peter Andrews, Chris Gibbons — 6 points
  • Chris Sherman, Steve Whisler, Kevin Kinkead — 5 points
  • Pete Mazzaccaro, Eli Storch, Matthew De George — 4 points
  • Greg Orlandini — 2 points

To access each person’s individual picks for the second round, you can click here.

The charts below show the aggregate picks for this round of matches.


  1. In addition to my pretty terrible prediction record here in the group stage matches, I was also wrong in thinking VAR would cause controversy. It has been pretty smooth so far. Lesson to be learned here, don’t follow my lead when it comes to cup predictions.

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