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Season Review: Reevaluating John Hackworth’s firing

PSP’s look back at the 2014 Union season moves on to a reevaluation of John Hackworth’s firing and considers the factors that led to it.

Featured / Season Reviews

Season review: Reevaluating the Maurice Edu Trade

PSP’s Peter Andrews reconsiders the Maurice Edu trade, on all fronts.

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Season review: Reevaluating the McInerney-Wenger trade

The McInerney-Wenger trade of 2014 was one of those rare beasts: a swap where both teams came out ahead.

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Season review: 2014’s late collapses and how to fix them

Every team gives up late goals once in a while, but in 2014 the Union made it an art form. What needs to change?

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Season review: Zac MacMath’s long, strange season

Why are we so disappointed about losing an average goalkeeper? Peter Andrews explores the story of Zac MacMath’s star-crossed season.

Analysis / Season Reviews

Season review: Vincent Nogueira, a savior or overrated?

Vincent Nogueira was one of the top players wearing blue and gold in 2014, with many even declaring him the best ever to where the Union shirt. Was he? Can he be even better in 2015? PSP explores.

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Season Review: Winners and losers in 2014

PSP kicks off its revamped annual season review series on the Philadelphia Union by looking at the winners and losers this year for the club.

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End of season review: Castrol Index vs. PSP player ratings

We compare how Union players ended the season in the Castrol Index with the end-of-season averages of their PSP player ratings.

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Midseason review: Castrol Index vs. PSP Player Ratings

A look of how Union players rank in the Castrol Index compared to their ranking based on the average of their PSP player ratings.

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Season review: The other guys

PSP looks at the 2013 efforts of the Philadelphia Union players who didn’t get major minutes this season but spent most of the year with the Union: Aaron Wheeler, Chris Albright, Mike Lahoud, Leo Gonzales, Roger Torres, Oka Nikolov, and Gilberto Souza.