As preseason scrimmages begin, how will the Union approach conditioning?

With the Union’s first preseason scrimmage scheduled for this morning, PSP’s Tim Jones offers suggestions on how to interpret preseason matches.

Union preseason at the 76ers field house in Delaware

Thoughts on Union trialist Ibrahim Conteh

Sierra Leone midfielder Ibrahim Conteh is the reported trialist in Union camp. PSP’s Tim Jones speculates about what his presence means.


The worst MLS jerseys of the 2010s

PSP’s Chris Gibbons provides an entirely objective review of the decade’s worst Major League Soccer jerseys.


A pro-rel what-if in the USL

After a rough season for Bethlehem Steel, PSP’s Tim Jones takes a look at what the USL Championship and League One would look like if relegation were on the table.

Analysis / Union

Playoffs and paper bags

Some thoughts on a match that was downs and ups and ups and ultimately UP.


Continue the development!

Tim Jones indulges in a wildly impractical — but imaginative! — scheme for youth player development during the three-month offseason.


Replacing the registas

Even though the Union are in the playoffs with a home game no less, It is time to start thinking about the 2020 rosters for Bethlehem and Philadelphia. The front office certainly must be.


Clouds over Chester?

Not much about Sunday’s Union game felt good for Union fans. There’s room for levity today.


A look at the Union’s salary structure

The MLSPA published updated salary information for the league last Friday. PSP’s Tim Jones correlates Union salaries with the club’s roster structure and categories.

Analysis / Featured / Union

Formations, and charters, and standings, no bye!

Three quick thoughts for Tuesday