Youth development 2018-style: “Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more.”

PSP has learned new things that reflect the Union’s commitment to youth development broadly defined, above and beyond what we are all seeing this preseason.

Analysis / Philadelphia Union II

Predicting the USL East

Our foolishly fearless forecast is made without benefit of any on-pitch observations.

Analysis / Philadelphia Union II

Pressure creates diamonds – the Steel’s 2018 schedule

The newly-released USL game schedule for 2018 demands that the Steel improve markedly as spring progresses through summer into fall.

Analysis / Philadelphia Union II

The Real, McKenzie signings’ implications for the Steel

While Bethlehem will need to sign another player to replace Matt Real for practice and to fill its minimum USL roster, recovering McKenzie back into the defense on game days plugs a significant hole with a proven USL player since both men are likely to play their games with the Steel next season.

Analysis / Philadelphia Union II

Roster-building: Bethlehem Steel 2018

Lessons from Bethlehem’s 2016 and 2017 rosters and 2018’s partial list allows an incomplete guess at 2018 in the Lehigh Valley.


The Union, the expansion draft, and a depth chart

PSP guesses whom the Union will protect and expose in the LAFC expansion draft, within the context of its best understanding of the organization’s current depth chart.

Analysis / USL

Monday’s night’s player development lessons

While Red Bulls did not win Monday night’s first leg hosting Toronto in the playoffs, their excellent player development process was fully on display.

Analysis / Season Reviews / Union

A creativity problem — the Union’s No. 10s

PSP’s Adam Cann breaks down the DEEP numbers that reveal what went wrong at the Union’s No. 10 position this year.


Chaos: The Canadian Premier League, NASL, and USL

Soccer Canada has approved the Canadian Premier League for play in 2018. NASL met Friday to try to appeal from U. S. Soccer’s demoting them from division 2. The only certainty about the future of minor league professional soccer in North America is that it won’t be the same in 2018.

Analysis / Featured / Philadelphia Union II

The Steel and the playoffs — it’s gonna be close

PSP looks at the Steel’s playoff chances, both the old-fashioned eyeball instinctual way and using Chris Sherman’s statistics. the techniques both old and new say it will be extremely close against Red Bulls 2 for the final slot and the right to go to Louisville on Friday October 20th.