Charting how the Union and Bethlehem were assembled for 2019

Feature photo courtesy Philadelphia Union

For those who like information presented visually, the charts below detail the chronology and sources of both teams’ rosters.

Photo by Earl Gardner

Sakiewicz (L) and principal owner Jay Sugarman. Photo: Earl Gardner

Union Sources

Draft” needs no explanation.

The definition of “Homegrown Player” includes products of an academy if the club has one, although it is broader than just diploma holders. (Matt Freese illustrates the breadth as he played with Academy teams as well as Episcopal Academy, but did not attend school at the Schoolhouse and then had two seasons at Harvard.)

Trade” is also self-explanatory.

Bethlehem” means a Bethlehem player not from the Union Academy has earned promotion to the first team.

Signing” means brought from outside the organization without a trade. In these instances it includes loans in addition to outright ownership of the player’s contract.

Roster Supervisor” indicates who had final say over roster decisions. Input comes from all members of the organization’s technical — and where appropriate academic — staff.

How the Union has been built

The season and method of acquisition for every current player as of Memorial Day, 2019
DraftRay GaddisAndre BlakeJack Elliott
HomegrownAuston TrustyAnthony Fontana
Mark McKenzie
Matt Real
Brenden Aaronson
Matt Freese
TradeWarren Creavalle
BethlehemCory Burke
Olivier Mbaizo
Michee Ngalina
SigningFabinhoAle Bedoya
Haris Medunjanin
Fafa Picault
Kacper PrzybylkoAurelien Collin
Carlos M. Coronel
Marco Fabian
Jamiro Monteiro
Sergio Santos
Kai Wagner
Roster SupervisorNick SakiewiczNick Sakiewicz /Earnie StewartEarnie Stewart / Ernst Tanner

Stewart (R) and technical director Chris Albright. Photo: Paul Rudderow

Please note that while officially the Union’s roster stands at 26 as of May 28 on MLS’s website, they have only 23 players who are actually available.

  • Cory Burke is in P1 Visa limbo,
  • Derrick Jones is on loan to Nashville SC, and
  • Olivier Mbaizo is listed as “unavailable on loan, ” which almost certainly means to Bethlehem, recallably so.
Bethlehem Sources

In the Bethlehem table here are the meanings of the sources that are  different from the Union one:

Academy Amateurs” are those players signed to so-called amateur contracts that preserve their eligibility for  collegiate athletics.

Academy Signings” are the Bethlehem equivalent of MLS homegrown signings, even though USLC does not have such a roster category.

Reading” for Bethlehem is the equivalent of “Bethlehem” for the Union chart above.

How Bethlehem was built

The seasons and methods by which the current roster has been assembled.
Academy AmateurTomas RomeroKris ShakesCole Turner
Nate Harriel
Jack DeVreis
Patrick Bohui
Academy SigningSelmir MiscicBen Ofeimu
Issa Rayyan
Shanyder Borgelin
ReadingZach Zandi
SigningJames ChambersFarisSaed Diaz
Walter Cortes
Chavany Willis
Jamoi Topey
Steve Kingue
Yomi Scintu
Roster SupervisorEarnie StewartEarnie Stewart/Ernst Tanner

The Bethlehem chart snapshots why, in a comment during preseason, Tanner cited Bethlehem as having undergone the most change within the soccer side of the overall organization.

The article was informed by a similar chart on the Union’s website under “Press Box.”



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