Articles written by: Matt Custer

Anyone who can name Ernesto Lopera and Pat Fidelia among his favorite players has been a fan of Philly Footy for a long time. A club and league founder, coach, ref, apostle of the Union Bible and Founding STH, Matt is now co-managing editor of PSP.

Fans' View

Fans’ view: Five reasons Philadelphia have failed to meet expectations

MLS Soccer recently published five reasons Atlanta has exceeded expectations. The Union haven’t exactly done the same, writes Matt Custer.

Fans' View

Fans’ View: America and the beautiful game

Just in time for the 4th, how American is the Beautiful Game?


Footy on the Telly: June 15-22

This week’s Footy-Telly is dominated by that little tournament in Russia. Will Vlad score?

Fans' View

Fan’s View – Union confusion: an Odyssey

The Union saga of 2018, thus far.

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Fans’ View: Phandom, the Union, and your health

One Union fan looks back on 60+ years of Philly fandom, a recent study on the personal effects of fandom, and how the Union are wrecking his health.

Fans' View

Fan’s View: Potential isn’t enough

Booing a come-from-behind home tie? A bit harsh perhaps, but in the light of current Philly sports results….

Youth Soccer

The “Merciless Rule”

I learned a long time ago that kids aren’t stupid. They know that scoring is the most fun-filled part of the game, and If soccer isn’t fun they’ll quit. And the kids are right. The Mercy Rule is Merciless.

Fans' View / Season Previews

Fans’ View: What should the Union’s new mission statement say?

Philadelphia Union has decided to rework the club’s mission statement. Any suggestions?

Fans' View

Fans’ View: I still “Jungite” but fear Union may “Perite”

Fans’ view writer Matt Custer contemplates why he has stayed a season ticket holder with the Union.

Soccer on TV

Footy on the Telly – Dec. 22 – 29

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day from Footy/Telly