Articles written by: Earl Reed

A northern Pennsylvania native, Earl's early years shaped him as a Western New Yorker at heart. Sixteen years in the Delaware Valley have now left their inescapable mark on him. Earl has written for EPLTalk and MajorLeagueSoccerTalk, and now hosts the United States of Futbol Show. You can reach Earl via email at, or on Twitter @earl_of_reed.


The team that Garber built: NYCFC is MLS team No. 20

PSP’s Earl Reed runs over the big picture related to the big New York City FC announcement.


Was Gonzalez’s officiating really to blame?

Was the no-call handball the primary reason for three points becoming one on Saturday?


NY2: Departing from recent MLS expansion success?

Does it really make sense for the twentieth MLS franchise to be in New York City? Earl Reed explores.

MLS Rules

Loans between MLS teams given green light for 2013

MLS recently announced a new intra-league loan mechanism. Does is it make sense? Who from the Union might be a possible candidate for a loan? Earl Reed explores.


Which is the worst team in MLS?

Everyone talks about the best teams. But it can be much more fulfilling to check out the team that sucks the most.


Quantifying early 2013 MLS season ugliness

Shots and goals are down in 2013 while fouls are up. Earl Reed explores how play at the start of the 2013 MLS season been uglier than in 2012.