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Conor O'Grady is a proud Irish American, Son of Ben, and Philadelphia Union Founding Member. He prefers the company of women, but has a thing for Cristiano Ronaldo that borders on inappropriateness.

World Cup: Second Teams

Second Teams: Ghana

PSP’s old contrarian friend Conor O’Grady pitches in on our World Cup series to tell you why Ghana is the team you should root for after the United States. Yes, THAT Ghana. Really.



The Union won on Saturday, so why aren’t the excitement levels higher? Conor O’Grady explores.


The gentrification of PPL Park

PPL Park expansion talk is back in the news. Conor O’Grady hopes talk of more suites, club seats, and a restaurant takes means the Union doesn’t forget the populism that was behind the founding of the club.


Can we keep blaming Nowak?

Conor O’Grady explains how the ghost of Nowak still haunts the Union.

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Rivalry Week!

In a magical world where we could line up the teams we’d most like to see teed up and swatted into the Delaware, who would make the cut? Conor O’Grady considers.

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Chick-fil-A-gate: Just sayin’…

Conor O’Grady weighs in on the Union’s gay chicken problem. Oh, how we’ve missed Conor here at PSP.

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An open letter to Matt Zencey

On Sunday the Inquirer ran an op-ed from former editor Matt Zencey whose arguments were as tired as they were lazy. Soccer haters are gonna hate. That doesn’t mean Conor O’Grady is going to take it lying down.

Paul Rudderow

‘Twas the Night Before DoopDay

Conor O’Grady adapts some familiar verse in honor of the start of the 2013 Union season.

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Le Toux Part Deux: The gut reaction

A fan favorite has returned. Enjoy the moment.

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Prodigal Son: The Case for Le Toux

Should the Union bring Le Toux back? Conor O’Grady explains why the answer is yes.