An ode to the Union fans, both far and near

Photo by the Philadelphia Union


It’s December again, yet another year’s passed

and in sporting lingo the team here is “gassed.”


There was soccer, then none, then a tourney to cover,

then a break, then more soccer, a race through the summer.


When fall came, the games were in fist-fulls and bunches,

which was better than Florida and its sad boxed lunches.


Some teams had their troubles, while others adapted,

and these Boys in Blue took their chance and had at it.


They were perfect at home, a first for the league,

and stole points on the road at a break-necking speed.


Andre Blake changed back into the Super he was,

with a trophy to justify all of the buzz.


Brendan Aaronson left on the highest of notes,

leaving even old Hulky a-moist in his throat.


And of course Oreland’s finest won Coach of the Year,

which in Philly is worth at least seconds of cheer…

(as it’s booing that Boo Birds in Philly hold dear,

and the next match they did boo out loud and quite clear).


Every player in Blue put in yeoman’s work,

from Brujo to Raymon to Ale and Burke.

On Kacper, on Santos, on Wagner, Fontana,

on Real, on Glenses, on Miro, a lastly a

tip of the cap to one old Tommy Smyth

who’s last onion-bagging was certainly nice.


There are more players left on the “Good” list this year,

far too many to count in these pages, I fear,

since the team was the Star on the Tree of Good Cheer.


Every one of them played to the top of their measure

and after that effort, they did earn a treasure…

as out of the fog of disinfecting spray,

shone a shimmering Shield for the Boys to display:

The Union’s first silverware, oh what a day!

(one the Foundation grinches could not take away…)


But exhaustion this season is shared by the masses,

a global pandemic put us flat on our…. behinds.

So we’ll get up, we’ll be there, the Suub will be packed,

and in ’21 most of the Boys will be back,

so if anything the side might end up being stacked!

…that would be great, about that we’d be jacked.


Until then, we’ll just have to sit and relax…


So from Frisco in springtime to Chester in fall,

Best wishes to you Union fans, one and all.



  1. Merry Christmas, Chris!

  2. Merry Christmas Union-land!!
    Bravo Chris!

  3. OneManWolfpack says:

    Awesome stuff. Merry Christmas to all!

  4. Your poem inspired admiration and awe
    That was a great summary of all that we saw
    Through this year of pandemic, conflict and strife
    Cheering on our boys brought some joy to our life

    PSP’s pages, always a fun read
    Bring clarity and thought – two things we all need
    So thanks to you Chris, and all of the staff
    For analysis, critique, and sometimes a laugh

    Our soccer community is solid and strong
    We hope for more hardware, let’s not wait too long
    Through the trials and tribulations,to our Boys in Blue:
    Come hell or high water, We Love You!

  5. Ranking Union color commentators:
    1. Moreno
    2. Twellman
    3. Martino
    4. Miscellaneous fill-ins
    5. Smyth
    6. Papas.
    7. Comcast Interruptus
    8. YSA chant
    9. The guy outside the booth
    10. Rigby

  6. Well this is great! I have been just putting the phone down and spending time with the kids. They are home from college and it’s nice to just see them live in person!
    Thanks for a great article! Fun read! Thanks to the PSP staff and commentors! This place has helped keep the brain a little calmer during this year!

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