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News roundup: McKenzie injury update, MLS MVP race, Rapinoe wins Women’s Player of the Year

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Philadelphia Union 

The Union signed academy player Daniel Yallah to a one day contract. 

What you need to know for San Jose tomorrow night.

After the Union and Steel lost, the academy squads were able to get results. 

The U-13 team is still celebrating their champions league victory.

Don’t expect to see Mark McKenzie or Sergio Santos on the long road trip.


What to make of a week of MLS action. 

Here’s a shocker, Zlatan thinks he should be MVP.

Even while being injured, Josef Martinez is the MLS Player of the Week. 

The rest of the Team of the Week. 

And this weeks “Instant Replay” is here.


Megan Rapinoe is the Women’s Player of the Year.

On the men’s side, Lionel Messi took home the honor.

A Gaza soccer team has been denied entry into Israel. 

A world cup stadium that you can sleep in.

Will Jill Ellis coach a men’s team at some point? 



  1. el Pachyderm says:

    Oh hey…. Mark McKenzie is injured again.
    Man. Feel bad for the kid.
    Missing the U20-World Cup was a tough blow for his career.. let alone getting into starting lineup again and being injured, again.
    Work so hard, put so many eggs into a basket, then succumb to the Injury God… again and again.
    Same thing for Jozy… keep saying it but these professional athletes just aren’t listening. YOGA.
    If you have hamstring issues, you likely have overly tight quadriceps muscles.

    • Agree. I’m not super consistent with the yoga. But I have a morning stretching that I do every day. It helps my old ass back as well.

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