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News roundup: offseason predictions for the Union, college soccer winds down, and MLS Cup Playoffs heat up

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Philadelphia Union

Captain Matt Real led the USMNT U20s (including Union teammates Mark McKenzie and Anthony Fontana) to a record-setting 13-0 victory over the US Virgin Islands in the CONCACAF U20 Championships.

There must be changes coming this off season. Jonathan Tannenwald has some ideas about what those changes could be.

But the players don’t think head coach should be one of those changes.


The University of Delaware scored two, but was still eliminated by the College of William & Mary in the quarterfinals of the CAA Tournament.

The University of Pennsylvania women lost for just the second time this season, meaning they share the Ivy League title with Princeton and must hope for an at-large bid to the NCAA tournament.


A DC United forward will be starting for England against the USMNT next week.

Columbus took the first leg against the Red Bulls 1-0.

The Timbers came from behind to beat Seattle 2-1.

And Atlanta United got the only road points of the weekend, beating NYCFC 1-0.

Real Salt Lake and Sporting Kansas City played to a 1-1 draw in Utah.

US Soccer

Before they beat up the US Virgin Islands, the USMNT U20s beat a different American Caribbean island pretty soundly too.

Josh Sargent scored for the Bremen U23s.

Ethan Horvath keeping the competition for national team keeper interesting.


Despite Gianni Infantino’s campaign promises to clean up soccer, there is still plenty of corruption in soccer. I for one am shocked!

Man City trying not to embarrass Southampton too much.


  1. It’s an old saw, but I’m still surprised by lots of empty seats at playoff matches. Columbus / Red Bull in particular. Not sure if making the whole competition single elimination would fix that…..

    • John O'Donnell Jr says:

      Single elimination would be much more entertaining to me. Yesterday’s games lacked drama as nothing was really at stake. I can’t imagine the casual fan was watching knowing next week is the game that really matters.

      In the past they needed the revenue but I think the benefits to grow tv ratings would be more important now. Also the two weeks could be used to give a little relief to the schedule for international or CCL games.

      • Agreed. The only reason to do the aggregate scoring thing is to pander to Eurocentrists. Switch to single elimination, prevent the playoffs from dragging on, and help MLS fit in the US sports landscape better.

      • And to let both teams get ticket receipt $$$…

    • And try scheduling in a window other than NFL Sundays.

    • So many empty seats at a playoff game on Sunday when it looks like the team will not relocate? For me it just shows that Columbus doesn’t deserve an MLS team.

      • Glass houses and all,
        I was at both of the Union Open Cup Finals at Talen Energy Stadium (PPL) and the place was not full either time – for the Union’s #1 & #2 biggest games in their history.
        Let alone any of their run up to the final. Open Cup attendance is another thing we should talk about.
        As for the Crew, there are still a lot of extenuating circumstances including the fact that they are not officially out of Precourt’s hands yet.
        Considering the Union had one of their worst attendance years ever this year, we need to look home before looking around at everyone else…

  2. Great game at Haverford College yesterday between Haverford & F&M. Haverford won the Centennial trophy for the 3rd time in 4 years. More at: https://www.haverfordathletics.com/sports/msoc/2018-19/releases/20181104px1atd

  3. After reading the article on how the players feel about Curtin, I scrolled down to the comments. I was shocked. Not one comment suggesting he should go. On the contrary, many were quite praising. Now I’m not naive, this is the interwebs and any fool can say anything ( I often do). But is it possible the rest of the league sees Curtin as a good coach? Are we too close to the situation to see beyond the heartbreak the Union annually dish out?
    The praise and love from the players I expected. The comment section I did not. The players I understand. The public only begins me asking more questions. Mr. Tanner, penny for your thoughts?

    • Had the exact same thoughts.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      I think the rest of the league does see Curtin as a good coach. I think the rest of the league think the problem is mainly ownership (it is) and it’s unwillingness to spend (it also is). The announcers for the playoff game were praising Curtin for the job he did this season.
      For me Curtin hasn’t shown the ability to coach up this team when needed, or make the changes when needed, or win the big game when needed, or be flexible to the formation when needed… I could go on. We aren’t asking to move on from a coach we just got last season, or even mid way through the season prior to that. At this point, I think we understand what we get from Curtin and with the lack of spending and unwillingness to bring in game changing / game stealing players – we need a better manager. Curtin did the best he could but to me, he has peaked. We know in February we will finish 4th-6th (at best) that season and maybe make the playoffs. We should try something different… to try to get a different result.

    • I have seen Curtin get a bunch of praise from non-Union fans on other league-wide coverage outlets as well. He does seem to garner more respect from outside Unionland.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      When mediocre is your business plan… steady improvement and seeding in an annual tournament at the end of the season denotes success- especially when you are only comparing yourself to your former self and not every other franchise.

  4. Berhalter is a great manager, fact. That Timbers game was so much fun to watch, wow. NYCFC’s kiddie pitch almost bailed them out but the better team prevailed. Yesterday was a good day for MLS fandom.
    Right now I’m salivating over a Timbers/ATL track meet in the final. Back and forth and back and forth and back and forth (Timbers winning 3-2 in the end).

    • GIO would/will park the bus on the road in a MLS Cup final. Most trams in MLS do the same against Atalanta, and most teams when on the road.

      That game won’t be a track meet (if that is the final). It’s still not a guarantee that Atlanta will make it out of East either.

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