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News roundup: Open Cup nears, Academy moves, TFC toast, more

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Philadelphia Union

All eyes in Union-land are now firmly set on tomorrow’s US Open Cup final in Houston:

Jay Simpson, Auston Trusty, John McCarthy, and Jim Curtin all made MLS’ Team of the Week .


Three local products made the latest U.S. U-16 Boys National Team camp roster.

All age groups of the Union Academy made a clean sweep over Virginia Development Academy.

The New Jersey high schools with the most players in women’s D1 soccer.

Temple freshman Gabriela Johnson nets a winner for the Owls.

Bethlehem Steel

Steel get a shout for their romp over Toronto FC II with the youngest lineup they’ve ever fielded.


XI things from the week that was in MLS.

Despite taking the weekend off, D.C. United’s playoff chances improved thanks to some fortunate draws.

TFC are d-e-d done for the season.

Are MLS ultras a sign the league is for real — or just a bunch of insecure wannabes? (My money’s on the latter.)


Marta and Luka Modric win best player awards from FIFA. All the winners here.


  1. I’m actually pretty excited for tomorrow night’s final. Still can’t shake the feeling that I’m headed for a trap…. I can still recall Nogueira’s shot off the post and Mo’s missed penalty…. hoping for a better outcome this time.

    What on earth has happened to Toronto? How do you win the league,come a whisker away from winning CCL and then go out and just go out a complete shambles for a whole season? In Europe, Vaney would be fired by now. I’m not sure that’s the best action, here, but what a disappointing showing from that team.

    • Purge the bad memories How about Andrew Wenger coming in with 4 minutes to go in extra time – and then missing the final penalty? Or Curtin subbing in McCarthy right before PKs, who then went on to save a whopping 1 PK?

      But this Union team is different. This is a playoff team, that is playing well and whose manager is actually managing the team well. The Eagles exorcised the demons, and the Union can too. We want the Cup!

  2. Oscar Pareja is on the record confirming what I’ve seen with my own eyes and have suspected but was not entirely convinced of …. US soccer is not intrigued in the least with a possession, patient soccer expression.
    Get the ball. Get it vertical. Our national identity is aggression. The fast break NBA with a ball at the feet instead of in the hands.
    I see it at academy with Earnie’s philosophy. I see it with the stars becoming overwhelming colors of players. I saw it this summer with the academy teams in California and Florida… verticle push push push. I see it and can now finally resolve it. They are on the record.
    This is the way Earnie taught the academy to play locally. This is Earnie in lock step as GM with the future USNT coach defining a philosophy and cultural expression. If only the best athletes played soccer is becoming and will become our national identity.
    La Pausa. I sigh.
    Then I realize the World Cup was just won by a team that versed possession gladly, was sound defensively then just destroyed the other teams with violent aggressive and asdsukting counter attacks by a player faster than everyone else. In other words, a pure athlete.
    Okay US Soccer. Now I know, and can adjust accordingly. It’s actually a relief.

    • Jurgen Klopp favors a direct style, too. Liverpool does not spend time passing the ball around the midfield. It’s get the ball down the other teams throat fast. Lots of long balls to the front three to hope their pace and ingenuity can undress the defense. That works well when you have one of the best forward trios in the world. Maybe it’s an easier game plan for the US than Pep’s and Spain’s possession over all approach. I don’t know.

      But I do wonder about casting so broad a description over “The American Player” as if it’s that simple to characterize a player pool in a nation of roughly 320 million people.

    • el P:
      This is the backbone of US Soccer’s new coaching curriculum. 4 elements:
      -Win the ball: transition to attack as quick as possible
      -Attack: create openings and attack forward
      -Lose the ball: close openings as quickly as possible (pressure)
      -Defend: prevent scoring chances, push opponent backwards – keep openings closed.

      Almost gets US Soccer closer to developing a Vision, a Philosophy and a Plan.

      It’s not going to be pretty soccer; historically that was never the US’s game anyway. To hell with juego bonito. [No judgement here, I favor the thought that a win is a win no matter how it gets done].

      • We have always been known as a team with decent speed/strength who could run forever but lacked technical skill. This seems like a good system for us honestly. Plus quick break turnovers can be exciting and pretty soccer as well.

  3. On the latest Extra Time Radio Matt Doyle and Bobby Warshaw picked Houston over Philly tomorrow night. Andrew Weibe picked Philly, not like his opinion matters much. I’m a mixed bag of emotions but feel hopeful looking at the results map (https://www.mlssoccer.com/results).
    Go Union. Go and prove this Negadelphian wrong.

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