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News roundup: Zlatan, defensive injuries, and an all star game opponent

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Zlatan comes after no one. The Union news will just have to wait today.

LA Galaxy ‘dared to Zlatan’ and have reportedly sealed a move for the 36-year-old Swedish superstar.

Ives Galarcep on why signing Ibrahimovic was a gamble worth taking.

And of course, Zlatan introduced himself to Los Angeles in the most Zlatan way possible.

Philadelphia Union

Union head coach Jim Curtin broke some news at his weekly press conference. Left back Fabinho and center back Richie Marquez will both miss time due to injury. First year homegrown player Matthew Real just might be the answer at left back.  Here’s the story from yesterday presser at Talen Energy Stadium.

Kevin Kinkead temporarily returned his focus to the Union and offered some early season observations on the team.

Go inside the film room from the Union’s game against the Crew

The Generation Adidas Cup kicks off today. The Union will face Club Tijuana at 10 am.

Jack Elliott’s response to being named to the MLS Team of the Week.

Anthony Fontana’s favorite player growing up is a bit of an eclectic choice.


Penn FC have added forward Lucky Mkosana to their attack. The 30-year-old Zimbabwe international returns to the club after previously scoring 20 goals in 2012-2013 for the then Harrisburg City Islanders.


Forza Juve! The Italian giants are the 2018 MLS All Star Game opponent. This year’s game takes place on Aug. 1 in Atlanta.

Story of the day: Mason Stajduhar— The Spirit of a Fighter. The Orlando City goalkeeper continues to train with the team while battling cancer.

ESPN FC released it’s annual players’ survey. Topics ranged from salary structure to toughest opponent to the state of U.S. Soccer.

Ibrahimovic wasn’t the only signing of the day. Montreal Impact signed French center back Rudy Camacho from Belgian side Waasland-Beveren.

Andrew Wiebe of mlssoccer.com broke down why three teams should be concerned by their slow starts.

Benjamin Baer highlighted 10 players to watch at the Generation adidas Cup.  Unfortunately, no Union players made the list.

U.S. Soccer

Is the weight of expectation weighing down our international prospects?

Lifetime will broadcast NWSL games this year.

Former USMNT coach Jurgen Klinsmann is looking to return to coaching after the World Cup.

Around the globe

These are the pieces I love to read. Great journalism. Football and conflict: The story of FC Pristina and the Kosovo War

Hernán Darío Gómez, head coach World Cup side Panama, spoke about being minnows in a group with England and Belgium.

As we head into the international break, one writer argues that this World Cup needs to save international football from crisis.

Hershey’s own Christian Pulisic will testify in the case surrounding the attack of Borussia Dortmund’s team bus.

The Set Pieces asks an interesting question. Should heading the ball be banned until the international level?

Here’s every kit for the upcoming World Cup— wait, they’re missing some. I can’t find any with the Stars and Stripes…

Remember the Greek owner who stormed the field last week? Well, he just became a billionaire.

Highlight of the day

Hartlepool wonderstrike


  1. pragmatist says:

    I love Ibra. I don’t care that he went to one of MLS’ favorite sons. I’m just glad he’ll be here so we can see how he performs here, both on the field and off. The league hasn’t had a player of his statue since Beckham, and Ibra is an even bigger personality.
    Also, if he’s healthy, LA is a Cup favorite now.

    • I used to get mad when the big names went to the big teams, but then I realized that would happen in every other league if they were single entity – and in fact they do even when those leagues aren’t (see: Giancarlo Stanton now a Yankee). Either way, it gains the league some exposure, and if he’s really good that’ll be even better for the league. And if he comes and sucks, like some internationals do, then I’m glad he’s not in Chester.

      • pragmatist says:

        It happens in every league for every sport all over the world. Single-entity can help to coerce someone to choose a team (Drogba to MTL, Bastian to CHI), but players will almost always choose the best and most high-profile teams. And when they do, you end up with:
        La Liga (2 teams, and the rest)
        EPL (6 team, at most, and the rest)
        Bundesliga (1 team)
        Ligue 1 (1 team)
        Domestic title chances
        NBA (4 teams, roughly)
        MLB (4-8 teams)
        NHL and NFL change from year to year.
        You need to find a way to claw into that top group somehow, and then you can get these players. We are nowhere near there. But 2 consecutive winning seasons with deep playoff runs – preferably in the finals – and suddenly we (or any team, really) are very appealing.

      • You’re right, and that’s why I used to get mad – because in a single entity league that shouldn’t be allowed. It’s hypocrisy to create and promote parity but allow him to go to LA. Based on the way the league is run, it should be a lottery, and if you can’t afford him you pass (not that I prefer that, but that would align with their other practices).
        I am not arguing for one way or the other, I am just aware of the way the league preaches and the way they practice. I am fine with the “rest of the world’s” way of player acquisitions, but MLS has – externally – fought that for so long. But then again, their “blind” draws and allocation exemptions go against that too.

  2. Mark your calendars. Zlatan comes to Chester on July 21. First ticket this year I’ll be excited to buy. Zlatan will surely get written off as a geezer looking to cash in, reinforcing the leagues retirement league status, but remember — he was United’s most reliable goal scorer last season. He gets on the pitch for LA, he’s going to score goals. His ad in the La Times is fantastic.

  3. I know it’s bad but great picture today.

  4. Pavel Nedved was one of my favorites as well. Good for Fontana for knowing a great. I see flashes of Nedved in Luka Modric. They’re different sized lads but between the skill and the hair, I sometimes get to feel like a kid again when I see that Croat on the pitch.
    Banning headers in top level soccer isn’t even a conversation worth having. Youth soccer, sure. Rec soccer, sure. Pros? International? Come on, no way!
    I can’t wait for the MLS/Liga MX all star game. Isn’t that happening sometime? That will be a marvelous contest.

    • All Star Game will have more bragging rights for sure. nice to see the European squads but the potential for crossover and growth exposure is big

    • Fan voted all stars from both leagues, in an annual supremacy game?! I’m in!!!

      And I’ve never watched a full 90 minutes of any of the all star games. Liga MX vs MLS would be fantastic!!

  5. I love reading the player surveys. It’s amazing how in tune they are with the things that we discuss/complain about here and other blog sites. For example, the length of playoffs we discussed, as was the format, and salary cap structure and pro/rel. I know they live this stuff every day, but it’s nice to hear from those who are in the middle of it and whose every day lives are affected by decisions made by the league.

  6. pragmatist says:

    “Los Angeles, welcome to Zlatan.”
    Let the show begin.

  7. God I love Zlatan. Probably my second favorite striker ever.

    • pragmatist says:

      Carlos Ruiz #1?
      (Sorry…couldn’t even keep a straight face while typing that.)
      Yeah, there are better players, but no one brings otherworldy talent matched with extreme showmanship. Let’s hope he’s up for the travel, etc. that comes with MLS. If he’s near his peak, we all benefit.

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