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News roundup: Union look dangerous as they prepare for Colorado

Photo: Earl Gardner

Philadelphia Union

The combination of Sapong and Ilsinho up top is creating problems for defenders, as neither can be safely defended with just one man.

The Union players believe that Ilsinho is the answer at the 10.

Chris Pontius is embracing his new role as the provider.

Fafa stands for Fan Favorite.

“When you win, you’re doing it good. When you lose, you’re doing it bad.” The Union never lost faith.

Current Union streaks by the numbers.

Get to know the Colorado Rapids and why you should watch. Game preview from MLSSoccer.

The search for the Chief Tattoo Officer is nearing its conclusion.


Harrisburg City and Reading United have even more incentive to win: a trip to Talen Energy Stadium to take a crack at beating the Major League squad.

Bethlehem Steel finish their three game road trip at Cincinnati.


The Miami-Beckham project has a stadium location! And a stadium proposal! And…no parking!? Hey Union fans, how do you feel about a stadium with an incomplete parking plan? For those who need a primer, here’s a quick history of the Miami-Beckham project.

Around the globe

US Soccer’s $100M war chest is a long time in the making. It appears that the USSF is content to let it grow for now.

How DeAndre Yedlin got his career back on track.

UEFA is commissioning a study on the effects of headers on children’s brains.

This was posted in the comments yesterday, but it’s worth posting again: the English FA will review games and issue retrospective bans for diving.

Highlight of the day

Harry Kane’s 4th goal to put him in the driver’s seat for the Premier League’s Golden Boot.


  1. The most heartening aspect of the Union’s recent win streak has to be the distribution of goal scorers. 9 goals scored by 6 players. And so many good looking goals and dangerous attempts from range.

    How can you not just love Harry Kane?

  2. I don’t think having no parking is necessarily bad for a stadium if there is sufficient public transportation. While I can’t speak specifically of the Miami plans but the location (in the picture) looks good. The issue with Chester is the disconnect between the public transportation infrastructure and the stadium itself. Okay okay, plus the bungling of the whole parking lot situation by the owners.

    • Adam Schorr says:

      I come from South Jersey. To drive to the stadium complex takes me about 25 minutes. To take public transportation there, even when they are running the express, is no less than 45 minutes. Public transportation is a good supplement, but you have to have parking. Even if there was public transportation available to Chester, I would still drive.

  3. Andy Muenz says:

    According to the “Know Your Enemy” article on the Union website, Colorado must be really bad. They are 12th in the West. I guess that must mean Chivas USA is still ahead of them.

    • I watched about 25 minutes of the second half of the Chicago-Colorado game last weekend, and holy crap did Colorado look bad. Based upon what I saw, I think 12th in the West is an appropriate ranking for them.

    • So…the Union go into this favored? I don’t know how I feel about that. I prefer that they have a bit of a chip on their shoulders, and extend both the win streak and the clean sheet streak. Can’t we tell the boys that somebody on Colorado called them out or something? Anything to continue this mindset of good starts, even in high confidence.

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