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International scout officially announced, 17 years and no cups, more news.

Philadelphia Union

The Union have officially announced Ricardo Ansaldi as the team’s new Director of International Player Development on Thursday. In the press release, John Hackworth says, “Ricardo brings a wealth of international experience to our staff and organization. I had the good fortune of working with him numerous times when I was working with the U.S. National teams and I was always impressed.  He has contacts at every level and we are confident that is knowledge and expertise will help bring the world’s top talent to the Philadelphia Union.”

The press release says Ansaldi has worked with “the national teams of Brazil (1998 Gold Cup), Argentina (2003-04 U.S. tours), Colombia, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico and El Salvador.” He has also worked with “U.S. teams traveling to South America (mainly to Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay), working with all levels of U.S. Soccer, various Major League Soccer teams and countless college, club and state association teams” and has also organized tournaments “featuring the United States, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Australia, Peru, New Zealand and Venezuela.”

The question for all of us will be how well Ansaldi will be able to transform the extensive contacts he has gained from such wide experience into player acquisitions.

John Hackworth reiterated something that is widely known at Monday’s end of the season press conference: the Union’s number one priority is acquiring an experienced, proven goalscorer. Hackworth explained, “I’ve seen a lot of fans out there saying how this player has to be a giant, he has to be this, he has to be that. It’s great to make a wish list but, at the same time, you have to understand we can only get what’s out there and available. We’re looking for an experienced goalscorer and if we can find one and get him here, that would be fantastic.”

Hackworth made clear that the core of the Union’s strike force is Jack McInerney, Antoine Hoppenot, and Chandler Hoffman. “We’re not looking to replace any of those players. We’re looking to bring someone in to help them be better and help our team be better.”

Hackworth also said, “Any player, whether its a former player or not, that makes our team better next year are the guys we are looking for. There are a number of former players who are doing extremely well with other teams in this league. Those players would be a possibility for us, for sure.”

More Hackworth on Freddy Adu from Dave Zeitlin at MLSsoccer.com. Two quotes stand out:

  • “For an outsider to say Freddy didn’t get an opportunity or he needs more minutes, that’s now how this business works.”
  • “He’s a young player that has a ton of potential. Everyone knows that. Nobody knows that more than I do. And nobody believes in him as much as I do. But the reality is he has to focus and he has to change some things in order for him to reach that full potential. And that’s what this club needs. We don’t want any part of a player that doesn’t understand all of those demands.”

At the Union website, Kerith Gabriel continues the series of top 10 lists with a look at some of the weirdest moments of the season.


The La Salle women’s team will face Virginia Cavaliers tonight at 6pm in the first round of the NCAA championship tournament in Charlotte, NC.

University of Pennsylvania’s Erin Beck, Alex Dayneka, Kerry Scalora were named to the All-Ivy first team. Brianna Rano earned second team honors.

Bill Andracki has been inducted into the Camden County Sports Hall of Fame. Graduating from Paul VI High School in Haddon Township in 1987, Andracki went on to a 21 year career as a goalkeeper in MLS, USL, and the MISL. He finished his career with the Rochester Rhinos, helping them to three championships.


Karmic justice prevailed as DC United defeated New York Red Bulls 1–0 with an 88th minute goal from rookie Nick DeLeon in a wild game to advance to the Eastern Conference Championship series where  they will face Houston Dynamo on Sunday (4pm, NBCSN). Seattle Sounders topped Real Salt Lake 1–09 and will face LA in the first leg of the Western Conference series on Sunday (9pm, ESPN).

As a friend tweeted to me last night, “What’s more embarrassing, Red Bull playoff loss at home, attendance of 4000 or #nocups?”

Hats off to the DC United support, who basically spent 18 hours over the past two days in buses traveling back and forth between RFK and Red Bull Arena.

According to a study released Thursday by the University of Central Florida’s Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport, MLS set a record for the fifth consecutive year for racial diversity of its players.

Brek Shea will be out of action for three months after surgery to remove a bone from his right foot.


Sunil Gulati says 10-12 sites are in the running to host one of the upcoming World Cup qualifiers.

SBI thinks the Linc would be a good spot to host the qualifier against Panama on June 11.

More on the qualifiers from the New York Times.

Soccer America looks at efforts to increase greater youth participation in pickup games. “The difference between an aspiring, American youth soccer player and, for example, a Brazilian or Argentine, amounts to thousands of hours and touches as early as the age of 10. With closer examination, it would probably be revealed that American youth soccer players often spend more time in transit — to and from soccer games and practices — than they do on the ball.”


Officials from CONCACAF and CONMEBOL are to meet later this month to discuss the US hosting the 2016 Copa America, which will mark the 100th anniversary of the tournament.

Check out the latest Footy on the Telly for listings of the week’s upcoming live matches on TV and online.


  1. I’m liking Hack. He’s sounds candid and reasonable. It remains to be seen what that translates to though.

  2. Lst night’s DC v RBulls game was intense. That’s how rivalries are created…organically thru meaningful competition, not just proximity.

    • Agreed. That was a wild second half. Awesome to watch. What an ending. I can’t believe Roy Miller took that final free kick over Henry though.

      • Don’t think Henry could have done better since it was so close but agree it was a surprise to all the Miller stepped up and took it.

  3. No mention of getting a new left back. So I guess thhey are happy with Garfan.

    • Gaddis could slide in there as well. He’ll have the entire off-season to work on it and I think he brings more to the table than Garfan, at left back. Garfan can then move back into the midfield.

  4. It looks like Ansaldi is an American scout, as in Central and South America. Is this Philadelphia Union simply not wealthy enough to pay someone to scout Eastern Europe? Africa? I’d understand if that were the case, but I’d like to know. It may just be beyond the scope of the club.

    • Ed Farnsworth says:

      Good question. We’re trying to set up an interview with Ansaldi so hopefully we’ll have some insight to share soon.

  5. What stood out for me last night were the following:
    – the home teams (who were favorites) blew it.
    – Benny Olson is absolutely ace. Hack has a loooong way to go to even get close to what Benny has achieved. Wish Benny was the Union coach.
    – Kenny Cooper is a cry baby.
    – Geiger was again at his best. Only he would get the Red Bulls to retake the penalty after players encroached the penalty area before the actual kick.
    – over in Europe, a guy called Taison had an incredible goal which some say is the Century’s best. Judge for yourselves: http://www.uefa.com/uefaeuropaleague/news/newsid=1891160.html

    • Gieger is America’s best Ref and should represent the USA at the next World Cup.

    • Ed Farnsworth says:

      I’m always nervous about “goal of the century” claims but that is a fantastic strike.

    • Geiger made the same call he made against DC in August when they had to retake their kick against the U. And the one in August was a lot less blatent. I mean this wasn’t one guy in the box, it was three.

    • Im no Geiger fan, but he had no choice but to make that call -Henry was just about in front of him as Cooper made contact with the ball. Henry almost screened Geiger from viewing the kick.

  6. The Linc would be a terrible place for the June 11 qualifier. Could we sell out a Tuesday night with just US fans? If not, it opens up the door for Panama fans to walk in and take over. (I saw that happen against Mexico in the Gold Cup three years ago at the Meadowlands. 75% of the crowd were Mexico supporters.) Weeknight qualifiers (which is all of them now that they are on the Friday-Tuesday schedule) should be played at smaller places. Say like PPL Park. Then you can sell most of the tickets via presales to US fans and not have to worry about a large visitor presence.

    • Ed Farnsworth says:

      Totally agree. PPL Park ought to be at the top of the conversation when hosting sites are discussed.

    • I agree in principle, but there is a $$ factor to consider. 18,000 fans at PPL or 25,000-30,000/- fans at Linc? Larger venue, bigger gate. Albeit i have no idea what the rental/license charges to USSF would be for each venue.

  7. i want le toux back and go to youtube.com and search Sebatian Le Toux and click on sebatian le toux crucial goal from last season

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