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Player of the Week: Michael Farfan

Photo: Paul Rudderow

Come hither, Mr. Michael Farfan.

You’ve been nasty.

You broke poor David Junior Lopez’s ankles.

You froze Josh Saunders’ blood and made him your [female dog].

You helped Antoine Hoppenot do what he did to Milos Kocic with your perfect through ball. There you go, powering the spark plug. Someone could get killed like this!

You saw things you have no right to see! Passing lanes that seemed not to exist! Teammates’ runs that weren’t there until … they were! Possibilities that couldn’t have been, until … they were.

Yeah, Farfan. You were nasty.

Now you’re PSP’s Philadelphia Player of the Week.

The secret is getting out. It’s not possible to avoid it after Farfan’s stoppage time game-winner plunged a dagger into the hearts of the Los Angeles Galaxy before 27,000 fans. The dude has skills. Creativity. Daring. This is the way soccer is supposed to be.

Those who follow Philadelphia Union closely know the talent this guy has. Put simply, he’s the best one-on-one attacker this team has ever had. (Granted, they’ve only been around for three years, but it’s something.) Given time, he might become the best in the league. He could be that good.

Whether Farfan belongs in the center of the field, out on the wing, as a withdrawn striker, or somewhere else is something Union manager John Hackworth still has to decide.

But he’s clearly the man who drives the Union attack. His vision, ball control, and willingness and ability to break down defenders off the dribble — right now, they drive the Union offense.

And boy, is that offense doing things nobody expected two months ago.

Honorable mention

Our honorable mention list usually includes other players who received votes from our crack six-man voting panel, but this week, nobody else got votes. It was unanimous.

No, we didn’t overlook the fact that Freddy Adu, Jack McInerney, Carlos Valdes, Amobi Okugo and Gabriel Farfan all played some great ball last week, among others. Some other week, maybe one of them earns this honor.

But not this time.


  1. James "4-3-3" Forever says:

    the Geoff Cameron ascendence is good new for like half our team. If he can become a “young” NT player, and move to England at 26, then you gotta think the future is very bright for players like Jack Mac, Okugo, Marfan, Williams who are all 22/23 and under.

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