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Union v Colorado quick reference

Photo: Paul Rudderow

All-time record: 0–2–2
At PPL Park:  0–1–1
At Dick’s Sporting Goods Park: 0–1–1
Goals For: 4
Goals Against: 8

July 29, 2011: Philadelphia Union 1–2 Colorado Rapids

PSP match report highlight:

“The throwback combo of Le Toux and Mwanga was working well early. The two strikers found each other with regularity but the Union could not find a final pass.

“Neither team could wrestle control of the tempo, as evidenced in how they would forgo switching fields to remain trapped on the same side for for long periods of time…

“There was no point of attack for Philadelphia. Justin Mapp was too high, Kyle Nakazawa was too static, and Keon Daniel was receiving the ball much too deep to take anybody on. Additionally, Brian Carroll’s cross field balls were falling short of their runners.

PSP player ratings and analysis highlight:

“The team that was so impressive in two international friendlies failed to show up on Friday night. Instead, the 2010 Union gave away possession, played disjointed defense, and struggled in front of net…

“But there were bright spots on Friday. Torres and Michael Farfan had immediate positive impacts as subs, and Gabe Farfan had another strong defensive performance. The fight the Union showed in the second half is the kind of thing we’ve come to always expect from the Union and is part of the foundation laid down by the team—and its supporters—from the beginning of its short history. It is thrilling, and entertaining, and ever to be admired. Unfortunately, save for the late Torres strike, the finishing, or lack there of, is also something that we’ve come to expect.”

PSP stat chat on the game.

PSP photo essay of the game.

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Scoring Summary: 
COL — Pablo Mastroeni 1 (unassisted) 35
COL — Sanna Nyassi 4 (Omar Cummings 6) 45
PHI — Roger Torres 2 (unassisted) 92+

Misconduct Summary: 
PHI — Sheanon Williams (ejection; Abusive Language) 64
COL — Caleb Folan (caution; Reckless Foul) 65
COL — Brian Mullan (caution; Reckless Tackle) 67

Colorado Rapids — Matt Pickens, Kosuke Kimura, Marvell Wynne, Tyrone Marshall (Scott Palguta 69), Drew Moor, Brian Mullan, Pablo Mastroeni (Joseph Nane 78), Sanna Nyassi, Jeff Larentowicz, Wells Thompson, Omar Cummings (Caleb Folan 61).
Substitutes Not Used: Andre Akpan, Mike Holody, Jamie Smith, Steward Ceus.

Philadelphia Union — Faryd Mondragon, Sheanon Williams, Danny Califf, Carlos Valdes, Gabriel Farfan, Justin Mapp (Veljko Paunovic 72), Kyle Nakazawa (Roger Torres 46), Brian Carroll, Keon Daniel (Michael Farfan 46), Sebastien Le Toux, Danny Mwanga.
Substitutes Not Used: Jack McInerney, Stefani Miglioranzi, Amobi Okugo, Zac MacMath.

Referee: Jorge Gonzalez
Referee’s Assistants: Claudio Badea; Matthew Kreitzer
4th Official: Armando Villarreal
Time of Game: 1:52
Weather: Cloudy and 89 degrees
Attendance: 18,770

June 4, 2011: Colorado Rapids 1–1 Philadelphia Union

PSP match report highlight:

“But if the McInerney sub is a mystery, the penalty called on Danny Califf in the 63rd minute is worthy of Agatha Christie.

“Pablo Mastroeni is listed at 5’10″ and 190 pounds. Maybe the rocky mountain air had an extreme effect on his balance, because he developed a sudden case of vertigo and collapsed in a heap as soon as he felt Danny Califf on his shoulder. The referee, clearly a fan of Michael Bay movies, decided that if nobody was going to create fireworks naturally, he would just insert them at random by pointing to the penalty spot…

“The Union’s second shot on goal was a beauty. Receiving a ball from Le Toux, Mwanga executed a deft turn to the middle of the pitch and lasered a shot into the left side netting. It was the finish of a natural striker.

PSP player ratings and analysis highlight:

“It is disappointing that the Union did not beat the Rapids. At the start of this season I never thought I would be anything less than pleased to see the Union picking up a point at Colorado. So there is a silver lining to this disappointment. It means this team is capable of still more…

“The only real flaw in the Union’s game right now is set pieces (well, that and MLS refereeing). The Union are terribly shaky defending dead balls and Le Toux is terribly terrible at delivering them.”

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Scoring Summary:
COL – Conor Casey 2 (penalty kick) 63′
PHI – Danny Mwanga 4 (Sebastien Le Toux 4) 66′

Philadelphia Union — Faryd Mondragon, Sheanon Williams, Danny Califf, Carlos Valdes, Jordan Harvey, Kyle Nakazawa, Gabriel Farfan, Brian Carroll, Justin Mapp (Keon Daniel 25) (Stefani Miglioranzi 79), Sebastien Le Toux, Jack McInerney (Danny Mwanga 58).
Substitutes Not Used: Juan Diego Gonzalez, Zach Pfeffer, Roger Torres, Zac MacMath.

Colorado Rapids — Matt Pickens, Kosuke Kimura (Scott Palguta 77), Tyrone Marshall, Drew Moor, Anthony Wallace, Jamie Smith, Pablo Mastroeni, Jeff Larentowicz, Wells Thompson, Andre Akpan (Quincy Amarikwa 46), Conor Casey (Caleb Folan 73).
Substitutes Not Used: Danny Earls, Mike Holody, Ross LaBauex, Steward Ceus.

Misconduct Summary:
COL — Anthony Wallace (caution; Tactical Foul) 26

Referee: Jasen Anno
Referee’s Assistants: Greg Barkey; Mike Kampmeinert
4th Official: Armando Villarreal
Attendance: 12,779
Time of Game: 1:50
Weather: Partly Cloudy-and-77-degrees

August 14, 2010: Philadelphia Union 1–1 Colorado Rapids

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PSP match report highlight:

“Danny Mwanga and Sebastian Le Toux continued their strong play, but for all their sustained possession and pressure Philadelphia Union made the same mistakes that have plagued them all season.

“Union fans must wonder if the standings are correct when they see performances like the one the home team put on today at PPL Park. The Union took twice as many shots as Colorado and put twice as many shots on goal. They took four corner kicks and allowed only one, yet they earned a single point from a game in which they were clearly the better side.”

PSP photo essay of the game.

Scoring Summary:
COL – Jeff Larentowicz 2 (Unassisted) 59’
PHI – Danny Mwanga 7 (Sebastien Le Toux 9) 73’

Misconduct Summary:
COL — Jeff Larentowicz (caution; Reckless Tackle) 20
COL — Omar Cummings (caution; Reckless Tackle) 66
COL — Matt Pickens (caution; Delaying a Restart) 71
COL — Jamie Smith (caution; Reckless Tackle) 85

Colorado Rapids — Matt Pickens, Marvell Wynne, Julien Baudet, Drew Moor,Kosuke Kimura, Wells Thompson (Conor Casey 61), Jeff Larentowicz, Pablo Mastroeni, Jamie Smith, Omar Cummings, Quincy Amarikwa (Mehdi Ballouchy46)
Substitutes Not Used: Danny Earls, Ross LaBauex, Claudio Lopez, Anthony Wallace, Ian Joyce


Philadelphia Union — Chris Seitz, Michael Orozco Fiscal, Danny Califf, Juan Diego Gonzalez, Jordan Harvey, Sebastien Le Toux, Fred (Jack McInerney 86), Eduardo Coudet (Roger Torres 63), Stefani Miglioranzi, Alejandro Moreno (Justin Mapp 60), Danny Mwanga
Substitutes Not Used: Cristian Arrieta, Kyle Nakazawa, Amobi Okugo, Brad Knighton


Referee: Terry Vaughn
Referee’s Assistants: Greg Barkey; Corey Rockwell
4th Official: Lee Suckle
Time of Game: 1:52
Attendance: 17,749
Weather: Clear-and-80-degrees

September 29, 2010: Colorado Rapids 4–1 Philadelphia Union

View match highlights here.

PSP match report highlight:

“Four days after recording their statistically biggest win ever, Philadelphia Union suffered their worst loss ever with a 4-1 defeat Wednesday to the Colorado Rapids.

“Colorado’s Omar Cummings scored twice in the first 15 minutes, and two second half goals sealed the game and the Union’s playoff hopes. Cummings found just enough room in the defense to toe-poke in the first goal seven minutes in, and then he was inexplicably left unmarked on a corner kick to score the second after 15 minutes.

“The Union looked sluggish from the outset, perhaps worn down from the high altitude in Colorado and having to travel there for a road game after just playing on Saturday…

“In perhaps the lone bright spot for the Union, McInerney scored an 89th minute goal long after the outcome was decided to collapse the margin just enough so that the loss merely tied a Union record for worst loss, rather than break it…

“The loss essentially puts an end to the Union’s already slim playoff hopes.”

Scoring Summary:
COL – Omar Cummings 11 (Macoumba Kandji 2, Wells Thompson, 1) 8’
COL – Omar Cummings 12 (Jamie Smith 6) 15’
COL – Well Thompsons 2 (Unassisted) 68’
COL – Quincy Amarikwa 1 (Macoumba Kandji 3) 86′
PHI – Jack McInerney 3 (Unassisted) 90′

Philadelphia Union — Brad Knighton, Sheanon Williams, Michael Orozco Fiscal, Danny Califf, Jordan Harvey, Justin Mapp (Jack McInerney 46), Stefani Miglioranzi (Andrew Jacobson 46), Amobi Okugo, Fred (Kyle Nakazawa 46), Sebastien Le Toux, Alejandro Moreno.
Substitutes Not Used: Juan Diego Gonzalez, Roger Torres, Nick Zimmerman, Chris Seitz.


Colorado Rapids — Matt Pickens, Kosuke Kimura, Drew Moor, Marvell Wynne, Anthony Wallace, Wells Thompson, Jeff Larentowicz, Pablo Mastroeni (Claudio Lopez 70), Jamie Smith (Brian Mullan 62), Omar Cummings (Quincy Amarikwa 75), Macoumba Kandji.
Substitutes Not Used: Andre Akpan, Danny Earls, Scott Palguta, Ian Joyce.


Misconduct Summary:
PHI — Danny Califf (caution; Unsporting Behavior) 10′

Referee: Baldomero Toledo
Referee’s Assistants: Craig Lowry; C.J. Morgante
4th Official: Ben Chouaf
Time of Game: 1:48
Attendance: 10,165
Weather: Clear-and-73-degrees

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