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Reading alumni for Hermann Trophy, more news

The Hermann Trophy finalists were announced Friday, and two of the three finalists are Reading United AC alumni: forwards Andrew Wenger of Duke and Billy Schuler of North Carolina. Both are juniors from the Philadelphia region.

All told, six Reading United alumni were named All-American, with goalkeeper Brian Holt of Creighton and defender Matt Hedges of North Carolina joining Wenger and Schuler on the first team. Midfielder Evans Frimpong of Delaware made the second team, while defender Eric Schoenle made third team.

If that’s not enough, Reading United alumni comprise almost 10 percent of the 52 players invited to the MLS Combine.

Unseeded Charlotte beat second-seed Creighton on penalty kicks to make it to the NCAA men’s soccer finals. They’ll face North Carolina, who also won on PKs, knocking out UCLA to make it an all-Carolina final. Th last time an unseeded team won the national championship was 2006.

Vancouver’s chief executive is stepping down. That means after one season, Vancouver is on its third coach and is losing its management leader.

Toronto FC has a new owner.

Brad Friedel didn’t mean to rip Landon Donovan. Really.

The Olympic qualifiers will start for the U.S. in Nashville, of all places. The semifinals will be in that great new stadium in Kansas City.

Barcelona-Real Madrid today. Of course, you have to watch it online ,unless you have ESPN Deportes.

Croatian police arrested two senior national team officials in connection with alleged match-fixing.

South Korea fired its national team coach.




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  1. The more I think about it, the more I think a 4-3-3 would be the best for our team. For example, I really think we have 3 Central mids who deserve to start, but only 2 spots for them in a traditional lineup. In a 4-3-3, Adu-Carrol-Torres would all be able to start and I really think that midfield could work (with the proper pre-season and training and time to gel).
    I also feel like we have the personnel for the 3 forwards. Obviously Le Toux is one. But I think both Farfans/Khalfhan/Daniels would be equally dangerous/comfortable in a more advanced position as well. And that new striker we just signed, I read he can play any advanced position as well.
    I’m just afraid of Nowaks “tinkering” and playing players out of position, that we might as well adopt a formation that plays to our strengths.

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