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Things that make you go “Shhhh”

Photo: Daniel Gajdamowicz

Freddy Adu said all the right things.

The eyes of the City and the League—dare I say the world?—were focused on the press conference almost four weeks ago, witnessing the “official” reunion between a former-teenage phenom and his hard-nosed coach. Frankly, I was skeptical that he’d sign with the team, given all his historical baggage with Nowak. I was skeptical that he’d even be able to compete on the field anymore, given that his European career could be defined as a bust.

However, seeing them side-by-side at the table, Freddy acted the part of a humbled, mature player looking to get his career back on-track, while Peter beamed with pride upon bringing his former protege into the fold. It was the makings of a good story, and helped me to forget that all of the pursued summer signings had fallen through. Players with impact had left, while only one player with questionable impact had joined or, more accurately, had fallen into our laps.

All in. I was officially sold on the Freddy Adu Experiment v2.0. My once skeptical self was now one of the biggest proponents of the Ghanaian-born maestro returning to MLS and donning the blue and gold of my beloved Philadelphia Union.

To no surprise, even after only one day of training with his new club under his belt, Freddy was thrust into the starting lineup at home against FC Dallas. I was beyond excited, along with 18,810 of my closest friends. He logged a respectable 62 minutes before being subbed off.  Nothing in his game that night could be described as game-changing, but he did produce a few flashes of brilliance we could only hope to see more of. His next two games for the Union would see him come on as a sub playing, combined, about the same amount of time as his first one. But, he’s working towards match fitness. He says he’s only at 80-percent. Fine, I’ll give him, and the coaching staff for that matter, the benefit of the doubt.

But, here’s the rub, Freddy…actions speak a helluva lot louder than words.

Shortly after coming on to the field in last Saturday’s game versus Real Salt Lake, a player injury causes a stoppage in play. Nowak quickly takes advantage of this lull to relay information and tactics out to the field. It all happened so quickly, but as something is being told to Freddy Adu—by Sheanon Williams, I believe—the diminutive playmaker waves him off, putting his finger to his lips to shush him…


…OK, calm down…think about this rationally…


…maybe he didn’t want the opposition to hear what the coaching staff had up their sleeves…

HORSE HOCKEY! He rakes in, what, ten times the salary Williams does?! I don’t care what the pay scale shows—how dare he be so dismissive to a teammate, ESPECIALLY when he’s the new guy?!

…deep breaths…it was nothing…a split second on the screen…

PRIMA DONNA! For such a young guy, old habits never die, huh?

Fine, I’ll admit that maybe I’m overacting a little bit…maybe. I really do want Freddy to contribute to the team’s success. I want him to be included in the pantheon of Philadelphia sports legends. I want to see him lift the MLS Cup during his tenure with the Union. But, I also have a very deep-seeded passion for all things Union, and anyone who dares to undermine this passion is hereby put on warning. Even you, Freddy.

I guess I’m just a sucker for some conspiracy. Now, where’d I put my tin foil hat?


  1. Shaun Appleton says:

    Great article. I noticed the same thing you did and had a slightly similar thought on the matter. Just as you are trying to do though I’m giving it the benefit of the doubt.

  2. Did ruiz ever do that?

    Oh wait, that was to a-holes… not teammates.

  3. 3 Months from now…At Nowak’s press conference…I regret to inform you that Freddy has requested to leave the club…he says its because of the fans.

    • But the fans have welcomed him with open arms. The ovation he’d received at home is nothing short of ground-shaking. Someone just tell him we’re all screaming “AD-UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU” and not “BOOOOOO”.

  4. CityHeroesSpursZeros says:

    Guess it’s been a slow few weeks for the union. This article is not of the quality I have come to expect from PSP.

  5. santas grotto says:

    I really thought he was telling SW to be quiet because he didn’t want the other player to get an idea of where he was going on the throw. I think this because no one could possibly be a big enough d*&k to shush a teammate.

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