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Valdes available, Bradley to Egypt, O-F back in town!

The Union announced yesterday that Carlos Valdes will be eligible to play against Dallas FC Saturday. The absurd yellow card he received against Houston was supposed to lead to a suspension.

Michasel Orozco-Fiscal says he is happy to be back in Philly, even if it’s just to train with the US National team. On why he’s no longer a Union player, Orozco-Fiscal said: “It was very hard. Things didn’t work out.”

The Brotherly Game breaks down the Union’s cap situation post-Ruiz.

Seba Le Toux said his lack of goals is “very frustrating.”

Kevin Kinkead looks at the Union’s tactical setup against Houston. He calls it a 4-1-3-2, but it looked a lot more like there was a lone striker with two sitting behind most of the match.

Business Off The Pitch looks at the impact of the World Football Classic on MLS attendance.

Penn and Villanova will play a women’s soccer match in PPL Park on September 9th. That’s a Friday, so mark your calendars now.

Robbie Rogers has been called up to replace Mo Edu on the US roster for the Mexico friendly.

Bob Bradley’s agent has said the former USMNT coach is a leading candidate to be named the Egypt head coach. All the mediocre holding midfielders in Egypt immediately began rubbing their hands together gleefully.

Tim Howard says the team is focused on revenge ahead of its showdown with Mexico. Yeah, nothing says revenge like a meaningless win following a meaningful loss.

Real Madrid signed a 7-year old named Leo to a contract. Seven. Seven.

The England v Netherlands friendly has been called off due to the riots in London.

The New York Times looks at the state of WPS post-World Cup.

An interesting interview with FC Dallas’ Zach Loyd about his late call-up to the national team.

PhillySoccerNews talks to Paul Riley about getting Amy Rodriguez back in scoring form.

2012 expansion side Montreal Impact are going to announce their head coaching choice on Wednesday.

Carolina Railhawks head coach Martin Rennie was a leading candidate for the Montreal job, but it appears he will be leading the Vancouver Whitecaps instead.


  1. Speaking of Union defenders, Garfan can’t be our long term solution at LB, can he? I mean he has been fine but he is a midfielder, we NEED a legit LB.

    I was hoping for a DP (because I want an elite LB, not just another MLS average one – like Harvey was). Plus, this means we can have the Farans playing on the wings!!! Which excites me to no end.

    • garfan has been really good so far. we already don’t have enough time to play marfan on the wings as we insist on putting in players like mapp.

    • I don’t think LB is the place to spend $$$$$ on an elite player when our offense is limping along. Plus, did you have anyone in mind or were you just speaking theoretically?

      • Well it was Spector before he got signed. But I don’t know anyone else. Couldn’t Nowak use his Polish roots to convince a decent Polish LB to come play for us?

        And while I agree the offense is limping right now, I am still optimistic and think it has more to do with the inconsistent lineups. Honestly I would be 100% ok (and would probably prefer) Jack Mac-Mwanga to be our striker duo for the rest of the season.

        In a season where the obvious flaw has been lack of cohesion and questionable (at best) coaching moves, I am not eager to bring in another cog to throw into the logjam.

      • Agree completely…really a LB DP? That’s crazy in my book…but Garfan is definitely not the long term solution at LB…IMO we need a (DP or not) attacking MF who can go box to box, make the transition from defense to offense and back

  2. Anyone else hearing the Tevez to Philly Rumors?

  3. I like Garfan at LB. People forget that Williams was a striker for Harrisburg City before signing with the U. I love Garfan and Daniel on the left and would love to see some more Sheanon and Marfan on the right!

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