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Le Toux wants to play with Mwanga, more news

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Sebastien Le Toux is a team player. In interviews, he always adheres to the party line. But that has, ever so slightly, changed. Speaking to Chris Vito of the Delco Times, Le Toux made clear his desire to paired up top with Danny Mwanga and his doubts about being played as a midfielder.

On being paired with Mwanga:

  • “Of course, I’d like that. But I’m a team player, and everybody wants to win. It’s something that hasn’t really come through for us. In two games playing together up top, it’s something I want more.”
  • “Toronto showed what I can do with Danny. It’s one of our only games where we played together since last year. It’s what I want to bring, but it’s something for the coaches to decide. We are winning, so I suppose it is working.”

On being played as a midfielder:

  • “A new guy came to the team to win my place. It’s OK. My job now is to help the team win. I have to work on myself more to get back there.”
  • “But putting me as a midfielder, I don’t know. I tell the coaches I’d like to be a forward, but it’s something I have to learn to do. After a while, I can help my team at midfielder, I suppose.”

Wherever he is played, Le Toux is clear in his goal. “I want to make the playoffs. After that, I want to win the (MLS) Cup. That’s what I want the most, more than anything. It’s what I work for all season in Philadelphia.”

The Brotherly Game says that, “reportedly,” Carlos Ruiz is “wanted” by Mexican side Veracruz. Their translation of the article from Diaro de Xalapa that “linked” Ruiz to the financially troubled second division club provides such definitive declarations as “its [sic] possible,” “might,” “within the realm of possibility” as well as “could be’ twice. Strong stuff.

Danny Califf previews the DC United game in this video from The Goalkeeper.

Here’s a look at the long relationship between new youth technical director Alecko Eskandarian and Peter Nowak.

Earl Reed illustrates how the statistical information compiled by OptaStats and available through the Chalkboard link at MatchCenter at MLSsoccer.com can help ones understanding of a game, in this case the substitution of Keon Daniel for Jordan Harvey.

Chris Agorsor is still on trial with Real Salt Lake.

The shit talking has commenced! The Brotherly Game has some very confident quotes from the Sons of Ben ahead of the upcoming River Cup against the Union front office on July 15. That really ought to be a fun game to watch.

The winner of the last Saturday’s halftime shoot out contest, 8-year-old Aidan O’Rahilly, is profiled in this piece. He prefers Sebastien Le Toux to Danny Mwanga.


Toronto have signed former German national team and Werder Bremen defender and infamous ball handler Torsten Frings and the Dutch striker Danny Koevermans as designated players. Neither will be eligible to play for Toronto until the close of the summer transfer window and are likely to first face FC Dallas on July 20.

Toronto ended its nine-game winless streak with a 1–0 PK win over Vancouver. The two teams face each other in the Canadian Championship final on Saturday.

With Donovan Ricketts out with a broken wrist and second-string keeper Josh Saunders suspended, former Union goalkeeper Brian Perk is set to start for LA against the Sounders on Monday. Get ’em Perky!

EA confirms that FIFA 12 will include all 18 MLS teams.

Women’s World Cup

Nigerian women’s coach Eucharia Uche recently told the New York Times, “Yes, the lesbians in our team were really a big problem. ‘But since I’m coach of the Super Falcons, that has been cleared up. There are no more lesbian players on my team. I cannot tolerate this dirty life,” adding that being gay is “spiritually and morally very wrong.” FIFA’s response? Tatjana Haenni, FIFA’s head of women’s competitions, said “FIFA is against all forms of discrimination. We are here at a FIFA event and will point out that it would be best to express oneself neutrally.” Way to pull out the hammer, FIFA.


UEFA president Michel Platini phones in from Planet Delusional to say goal line technology is not needed. “Nobody [at UEFA] wants to bring it into our sport—and nor does Blatter,” he said before mounting his unicorn for a trip on the Rainbow Highway to the Land of Lollipops and Sprinkles. “There is no more simulation in the area because there is a referee who sees it. We are happy and we don’t need more technology.”

The Copa America kicks off on Friday. Here’s a look at the tournament in numbers. Jonathan Wilson previews the tournament for the Guardian.

Bibiana Steinhaus, who officiated the USWNT win over North Korea, talks about being a woman referee.

The South Korean Vice Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism said the K-League could be shut down if a resolution to the widening match fixing scandal is not found.

Birmingham City owner Carson Yeung has been charged by a Hong Kong court with money laundering.

Saying “there have been some poorish decisions,” Manchester United chief executive David Gill believes the FA is too hard on his club. Cry me a river.


  1. Good for Seba! I’m happy he’s sticking up for himself. His frustration is plain and clear for everyone to see when Fat Chooch is clogging up his running lanes. Hopefully Nowak and company will get their heads out of their butts some time in the near future…especially with a 3 game road trip coming up.

    • What running lanes? Seba runs everywhere and touches the ball everywhere. He runs in all sorts of directions so there is no “lane”… the only person whose lane he clogs up would be Mcinerny’s, who isn’t on the field much. At the same time, Mwanga seems to have no problem scoring there. Why? Adaptation.

    • He also had his chance when Ruiz was in the gold cup. Enough time to prove himself that he should be up top… what did he do? Was someone “in front of him” other than the goalie? no.

    • Dan Walsh says:

      Amen, Alex. Le Toux has struggled with his finishing this season, but when paired with Mwanga, he has played and created very well. A goal through a goalkeeper’s legs doesn’t sell me on Ruiz, whose best position appears to be the offsides position. Count me as one who wants to see Le Toux back at striker.

  2. Are you kidding me Seba? You’ve done nothing when up top to earn the forward spot. You have a few assists and one goal this year. Your touch has been awful, you have been running around with what seems like no clear objective, and your shots have also been weak or off target. On top of all of that, your corner kicks and other free kicks are hurting our set pieces. I like Seba for the most part because he is a hard worker, but he needs to produce too.

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