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All hail Marfan and Mapp, more news

Photo: Daniel Gajdamowicz


Michael Farfan is named to MLSsoccer.com’s Best XI for Week 10. “Plays with an uncanny calm for being a rookie and has the confidence in his own skills to make plays that other first year players wouldn’t dare, including scoring.” Marfan is the man.

Thinking about scoring the goal and scoring the goal are two different things,” Marfan told KYW’s Matt Leon in this audio interview. “To experience this firsthand is amazing.”

“I think we’re both pretty versatile players,” says Gabriel Farfan. “It’s every coach’s dream having players who can play several different positions. It’s a good quality to have.”

Carlos Ruiz is named to Goal.com’s MLS Best XI for Week 10.

Goal.com names Carlos Ruiz their Player of Week 10. So does Philly Soccer New.

It’s power ranking roundup time! At MLSsoccer.com, the Union move up four places to no. 7. At SBI, the Union move up two positions to no. 6. At Goal.com, it’s a one spot move to no. 6. At Soccer America, the Union stay at no. 8. WV Hooligan moves the Union up one spot to no. 6 and provides my favorite power ranking  quote of the week: “Carlos Ruiz provides a moment of genius for those who doubted him. Don’t worry Philly fans you’ll continue to hate him next week.”

Let the Justin Mapp love flow! Dave Zeitlin says Mapp is finding his form in the Union’s attack and becoming the driving force in the midfield. Steve Davis talks tactics, specifically the absence of the traditional playmaker in central midfield. Noting that there are few traditional number 10’s out there, Davis says the Union fall in the category of “making best use of what you’ve got,” and that Mapp is in the role of “creator on the flank.” Isn’t that what outside mids are supposed to be?

Up for MLS Save of the Week is Sheanon Williams’ goal-line save. He says, “I just reacted, I didn’t have time to think about it. I’m glad I was in the right place at the right time.”

You still have time to vote for both the Carlos Ruiz and Michael Farfan strikes for MLS Goal of the Week. SBI has the running down to Bobby Convey’s gloriously curling free kick versus Ruiz’s ridiculous volley. Convey’s goal leads the voting.


You gotta lose one sometime. Reading United lost its first match of the season 1–0 to Harrisburg City Islanders in a friendly.


Over at ESPN, Leander Schaerlaeckens produces yet another utterly clueless Top Ten list, this time for MVP’s “so far.”


magicJack owner Dan Borislow was fined $10,000 by the league for “public statements that are derogatory and not in the best interests of the league.” Borislow say, “I have no intention of paying the fine. I don’t know what the league is thinking.”


There are scores of reaction pieces to the US Gold Cup roster announced by Bob Bradley. Here’s one of them.


Barcelona flew to England two days ahead of schedule for Saturday’s Champions League final because of concerns that the drifting ash cloud from the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland may close air routes to the British Isles.

The naturalized national team player. Was a time when it was a point of contention. Soccer America wonders if the controversy matters anymore.

Soccer America also says the ongoing bribery allegations at FIFA benefits Sepp Blatter’s bid for re-election. FIFA presidential candidate Mohamed Bin Hammam and well known crook and CONCACAF president Jack Warner have been summoned to FIFA headquarters for questioning about the allegations.

Opta stats are available for the just completed season. Manchester United are still champions.


  1. Interesting story about the Giggs saga: how to piss away $400,000 after getting poor advice from lawyers:


    And did anyone see Beckham last night in the ManU shirt at Old Trafford?

    • Andrew Desiderio says:

      Beckham was playing in the tribute match to Gary Neville. His participation has been contested this week as he will miss the Galaxy’s game. As a United fan, it took my back to see the likes of Beckham, Nicky Butt, and Neville once again play alongside Giggsy and Scholes.

      • So when MU play the Union who do you root for?

      • Andrew Desiderio says:

        As it’s a friendly, I mostly just want to see a good match with lots of goals and no injuries to either team. This Saturday is like a dream come true with United in the Champs League final flowing right into the Union (if only it was the MLS Cup I’d die a happy man)

  2. Getting annoyed about Ruiz. Wonderful strike, but to many people have forgotten how poor he played in that game until that shot. Even the free kick right before demonstrated how poor he was for 99% of that game. Sheanon Williams should get 6 trophies next week to make up for how overlooked he was by some editors.

    • Ruiz wasn’t bad before that. I usually hate him too but he played well all game. Aside from one time where he shot instead of passing to Mapp, his technique on the ball was helpful in keeping the ball and creating.

      • I couldn’t disagree more with you Andrew. Ruiz did play better than he usually does. I even recall thinking on one play that he looked like he was actually hustling. However, to say he played well is giving him too much credit. It was an awesome goal and no one cheered louder than me when it went in, but for the most part, he played like crap. Just a slightly better grade of crap than usual.

      • Ok, Ruiz played better over all then he usually does, but he is still not playing at the level that he should. First touch, technique (besides the volley), passing and over all hustle were better, but still far behind what they should.

  3. Im disappointed not to see Valdes on the top ten MVP list…He has done wonders to our strengthen our D

    • Ed Farnsworth says:

      ESPN has had a couple of absolutely ridiculous of top ten lists over the past few weeks. The most underpaid players list omitted Sheanon Williams but two of the three defenders included make $20k more than him. The overpaid list omitted Carlos Ruiz but included three forwards who make $100k less than him.

      How you can have a MVP list this early in the season and not include someone like Valdes is beyond me, While it is not he alone (see Williams), the Union defense has let in 7 goals in the first ten games compared to 21 in 2010. Yes, eight of the first ten games in 2010 were on the road compared to four in 2011 but the Union has let in only 4 goals on the road. In the first two home games in 2010, the Union let in 3 goals, the same number it has let in in six home games in 2011.

    • Andrew Desiderio says:

      In the comments of Leander’s article (he should just stop covering the MLS all together if that’s all he has to offer) he (or someone pretending to be him) said that Mondragon was number 11 on his list.

      • Ed Farnsworth says:

        He wrote a wonderfully researched piece about Joe Gaetjens, the Haitian player who scored the goal in the US 1-0 win over England in the 1950 World Cup about a year ago. Not sure if I can remember anything of note since then.

        For myself, I would put Valdes and Williams over Mondragon.

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