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Round-up: Gold Cup squad and a new Reading affiliate

New YSA Podcast brings together Unholy Union, Union Dues, Section133 and Union City Blue. What man could make this happen? Earl Gardner, of course.

Reading United and Twin Valley Soccer Club announce a deal for the latter to become a development partner. Very, very cool. The affiliation will promote both player and coach development.

Reading matches up against the Harrisburg City Islanders tonight in Exeter.

Philly Union Talk isn’t done breaking down that epic win from Saturday night.

Wimbledon AFC was promoted to the Football League. David Conn says there is good reason to get pretty flippin’ excited.

Sepp Blatter (who is definitely not aware of any of the corruption going on right under his nose in FIFA, despite being on top for years and before that being the number two guy to a definitely not corrupt President Havelange who definitely did not leave a cesspool of corruption behind when he jetted off from the Brazilian FA (which, by the way, is definitely not still supercorrupt and forcing local governments to foot enormous bills for World Cup 2014 construction projects)) says he will reform FIFA if re-elected President.

Columbus Crew is hosting the inaugural PRIDE Cup this summer. It’s a one-day amateur co-ed GLBT tournament and teams get to play 6v6 matches on the Crew stadium turf.

When Saturday Comes wants a Castrol Index for the guys who hurt the game with their disgusting tackles.

A gaggle of quotes from Bob Bradley about his Gold Cup team selection. Let me summarize for you: If he didn’t select someone, he “feels it’s not the right time.” If he did select someone, he “feels this is a good tournament for him.” Bob Bradley: He doesn’t field a team, he feels one.

Soccer By Ives looks at surprising inclusions and exclusions on Bob Bradley’s 23-man squad.

And USSoccerPlayers.com wonders about the cost of playing in the Gold Cup during the MLS season.

Of course, The Shin Guardian tops them all with an in-depth tactical look at the roster.

The Washington Post asks: Is it better for a young player to join a high school team or an academy squad?


  1. Ed Farnsworth says:

    “He doesn’t field a team, he feels one.” That ought to get me through the day.

  2. Earl Gardner.. He’s HERE.. He’s THERE.. He’s every F*CKING WHERE!

  3. I don’t know if anyone had a chance to look at ticket prices for Madrid game, but holy shit I’m not even going to go. 50$ for SOB tickets and close to 150$ a ticket for any lower level seat. I took a look at nose bleeds and they come out to nearly 40$ a ticket! My friends that go to Union games regularly already said no way, how am I to convince people who are iffy on soccer to go to a game and pay 40$ for nose bleeds when they could pay 20$ for a Phillies game.

    • Ed Farnsworth says:

      I hear you Mike. I bought 16 tickets for the people on the season ticket account under my name. The total was $835: $640 for the tickets, $64 for the “facility charge,” $130.40 for the “convenience charge,” plus a $3.55 “order processing fee.” I opted to have them mail me the tickets the slowest way for free or it would have cost more to print the goddamn things out or have them mailed sooner. Ticketmaster can f@ck off. I sent out a message afterwords to the people I bought tickets for that next time everyone is on their own. It took me 30 minutes to “select” my tickets this morning. Not being given the option to indicate what section I wanted to sit in, I had to keep passing on Ticketmaster’s piece of shite selections until I finally gave in. Hence, I’m not sitting anywhere near where I want to be sitting. In the end, instead of feeling excited all I felt was angry and disgusted. And I hate Real Madrid!

      My totally awesome Union ticket rep said it’s like the Union are the visiting team in their own city. I’m seriously reconsidering whether or not I will attend any Union match in which the Union isn’t handling the ticket sales.

      • The best bet would be to wait until after the presale, and call the linc offices to try to organize the seats you would want…

        First, I bought 11 tickets (I’m the only season ticket holder involved). I first made DAMN SURE i had at least half of the money this was going to cost, which I found out the cheapest price, and went from there.

        Second, I tried to stagger the tickets. Lowest price kept getting me section 233 (upper tier). For all tickets, it would give just the whole row 14 rows back from the front of the section. I broke it up 5 and 6, hoping i could somehow get the group behind the first group. It first gave me row 2 for the first section, and then when i put it in, moved me a section over… so much for trying to stack ourselves. I gave in, but instead of all in one row, 14 rows back in the upper section, we’re in 1 row, 2 different sections, in row 2 of the upper level. Not bad if i say so myself. AND i’m above (slightly to the left) of the SOB’s.

        But i’m waiting to call next time. There’s definitely going to be enough open tickets when they go on sale to the general public to be able to talk to a live person and get tickets where and how you want them. Technology blows!

  4. Thanks for the kind words and link to The Shin Guardian. Only place I go for Union news is right here.


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