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The Union’s next target: Fullback Cristian Arrieta

Puerto Rico Islanders fullback Cristian Arrieta is going on trial with Philadelphia Union, The Washington Post reports. His agent says he’s on trial till Thursday, when he could sign with MLS or return to the Islanders.

Arrieta is a 30-year-old American who grew up in Italy and played largely in Italy’s lower divisions before helping his club, Lecce, win promotion to Serie B in 2006. He scored 17 goals in 54 matches despite playing defense for the Islanders, a top USL team that actually made it to the CONCACAF Champions League semifinals in 2009.

Arrieta is a right back, so if signed, he could potentially slide into the starting lineup on a team that has no MLS-caliber starting right back — unless you count Dave Myrie, which we don’t. For a bit more info on Arrieta, check out ASN’s breakdown of Arrieta as the top potential bargain signing for the Union – two months ago. Props to Breton for the crack foresight.

Soccer 365 tells Philadelphia’s Union manager to stop whining about the refs after the Union played rough against Seattle on Thursday.

Match Fit USA has a good idea for how to add another “designated player” type to MLS teams – tailor it toward young players like Fredy Montero, much as Australia’s league has done, in order to keep them once they become stars.

The UEFA Champions League quarterfinals are today. French clubs Lyon and Bordeaux face off, while Bayern Munich takes on Manchester United.

West Ham United is looking to Dubai for investors, ESPN reports.


  1. Ed Farnsworth says:

    I like the Arrieta idea. A little age and a lot of experience aren’t a bad thing with a new club.

  2. Peter Idler says:

    Living in San Juan the last few years, I’ve gotten to see quite a bit of Arrieta. He is a solid defender as well as a goal scoring threat- a potent combination in a right back. He was USL Defender of the year in 2008 in his first USL season and repeated that his second year while also adding league MVP honors. He is exactly the kind of player the Union need. I hope his trial shows Nowak what he is really capable of doing. Of course, as a PR Islanders’ fan, I’d be saddened by his departure but elated for the Union- my MLS team.

  3. As long as he doesn’t act surprised when the opposing team employs the mysterious and mystical “overlapping run” he’ll be a step up from Myrie.

  4. Peter Idler says:

    Arrieta was one of the cornerstones of the PR Islanders’ Semi-final run in the CONCACAF Champions League. Which is to date the best run by a non-Mexican team in the current format of the tournament.

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