The new layout: Got pickups?

New and improved! Really!So the Philly Soccer Page looks a bit different. Yes, we’ve moved the site from Posterous over to WordPress. It allows for some more features, such as individual pages (notice the tabs across the top?), polls, more links, more elaborate and accessible categorization, etc. Hopefully this doesn’t suck.

One of the new things you’ll notice is the tab up top for Pickup Games. Click there. You’ll see info on pickup games throughout the region. We know that’s only some of the local games, so if you know of more, please send details to us at phillysoccer@gmail.com. The idea is to list all the games we know of so that people can, if they so choose, find a game any night of the week.

If you’d like to see something added to the site, let us know. Suggested links, new pages (like the Pickup Game page), additional features, etc. We’ll probably add some more toys in the future, so feel free to suggest which ones you’d like.

While we were able to move over all our posts, the comments unfortunately didn’t come with them. Trust me though, we want comments! Just click on Leave a Comment at the bottom of each post. In fact, you can start by telling us what you think of the new layout.

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