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On May 1st MLS superseded unofficial painstaking, tile-by tile construction of roster mosaics and integrated new official contract information alongside freshly authoritative roster data.

Adding contract information to the roster data creates a useful combination. While the new data set is league wide, our focus is Philadelphia.

Details enumerated

Major League Soccer’s official website published “Roster Profiles” for all 29 MLS clubs. It is a new resource.

The data is static, guaranteed accurate only for May 1st. It serves as a reliable starting point. For example, it does not include May 4th’s signing to the Union first team of previously off-roster Homegrown goalkeeper Andrew Rick .

Here is the Roster Profile announcement verbatim, both via the link and quoted below. Within the linked version there is a second link to the 29 profile pages themselves. Philadelphia’s  page is 23. We have done our best to provide page 23’s information accurately in the Appendix below.

 We have added an illustrative Philadelphia player in bold faced parenthesis where useful. (The italics and the other bold face are both in the original).

“The club roster profiles include the following information:

  1. Senior, Supplemental Rosters, and Off-roster Homegrown players
    1. Unavailable players are denoted in the report (i.e., players on loan, Season-Ending Injury list, etc.)
    2. Off-roster Homegrown players can appear in MLS matches via a Short-Term Agreement (David Vazquez)
  1. Current roster designation
  2. Guaranteed contract and option years
  3. International roster status
  4. Designated Players
    1. Denoted in the report are players that cannot be converted from a Designated Player to a non-Designated Player by using Targeted Allocation Money. (Mikael Uhre)
  1. U22 Initiative Players (Olwethu Makhanya)

Please note: The club roster profiles are static as of May 1, 2024, and any additions or changes to rosters following that date will not be reflected in this document.” (Andrew Rick, May 4th)

PSP’s comments
  • Andrew Rick had already used up his four short-term agreements as an off-roster Homegrown so he is no longer listed as one. He had to be signed to the first team May 4th before the DC match to back up Oliver Semmle. He is guaranteed through 2028 with an option for 2029.
  • Holden Trent is now a fourth keeper on the first team’s roster, and as such is probably a candidate to be loaned away, traded, or sold after he fully heals and Jamaica’s run in the Copa America ends this summer.
  • Daniel Gazdag is a designated player who can be bought down with TAM (Targeted Allocation Money).
  • Olivier Mbaizo’s contract has an option year for 2025.
  • By being unavailable on loans away, Richard Odada and Joaquin Torres provide Philadelphia with international roster slot relief, meaning only five such are occupied as of May 1st. Even though slot eight was sold to Nashville, slot six is available to sign Jose Riasco, and slot seven remains open awaiting future opportunity.
  • Jamir Berdecio is on loan through 2024. Were his contract purchased, he would have options through 2028.
  • The last guaranteed year for Homegrowns Quinn Sullivan and Brandan Craig is 2024. Each has an option for 2025. That intensifies Craig’s urgency to get playing minutes.
  • Since Nick Pariano is Supplemental Slot 31 and Unavailable on loan, we assume he is loaned for 2024 to Philadelphia Union II.
  • On May 1st Tom Bogert of The Athletic wrote that Cavan Sullivan has signed his contracts with Philadelphia and Manchester City. There have been no official announcements yet. The U22 Initiative could be used to fit the younger Sullivan under the salary cap if he exceeds the limits of the Homegrown Player Subsidy rule.  It could also be used for Riasco if necessary.

These five are the Union’s 2024 TAM players.

TAM Player Age Contract Thru Option Years
Tai Baribo 26.3 2025 2026
Andre Blake 33.4 2024 2025
Jack Elliott 28.7 2024 2025
Jakob Glesnes 30.1 2025 2026
Kai Wagner 27.2 2026 2027

In 2024 their salaries may not be bought down below $150,000. We have no way to know what the individual reductions are. In total for 2024, TAM is $2.4 million, having dropped $300,000 as planned from 2023.

These four players are out of contract after December.

Future Free Agents Age Contract Thru
Alejandro Bedoya 37.0 2024
Julian Carranza 23.9 2024
Leon Flach 23.2 2024
Damion Lowe 31.0 2024

The text below has been edited to make the columns and their information line up properly. The information within the “boxes” of each column is unchanged,  including a probable typo for Nathan Harriel’s guaranteed contract. (PSP’s own records indicate 2025 not 2026.) The heading “Contract” means guaranteed contract but that label did not fit.

The layout is also changed. The imagery and layout are as closely matched to the original as we can manage while keeping everything on one page. But gross layout, highlighting, and text enhancements are not identical to the original.

Senior Roster
Name Roster label Current Status Contract  Options
Anderson 2026 2027, 2028
Baribo TAM Player 2025 2026
Bedoya See below 2024
 Berdecio 2024 2028
Blake TAM Player 2024 2025
Bueno 2026 2027
Carranza DP 2024
Elliott TAM Player 2024 2025
Flach 2024
Gazdag DP 2025 2026
Glesnes TAM Player 2025 2026
Harriel Homegrown 2026 2026, 2027
Lowe 2024
Makhanya U 22 Initiative 2025 2026, 2027
Martinez 2025 2026
Mbaizo 2024 2025
McGlynn Homegrown 2025 2026,2027
Odada Unavailable, loan 2024 2025, 2026
Semmle 2025 2026
Torres Unavailable, loan 2024 2025
Uhre DP 2024 2025
Wagner TAM Player 2026 2027
Supplemental Roster
Craig Homegrown Unavailable, loan 2024 2025
Donovan 2025 2026, 2027
LeFlore 2024 2025 thru 2027
Ngabo 2025 2026, 2027
Pierre Homegrown Unavailable, loan 2026 2027
Rafanello Homegrown 2024 2025
Real Homegrown Unavailable, loan 2024 2025
Sullivan Homegrown 2024 2025
Trent 2024 2025, 2026
Supplemental Spot 31
Pariano Homegrown Unavailable, loan 2025 2026. 2027
Off-roster Homegrowns
Vazquez Homegrown 2027 2028


Bedoya: “Player Professional Development Role”


International Slots (7)
No. Name
1 Tai Baribo
2 Jesus Bueno
3 Olwethu Makhanya
4 Sanders Ngabo
5 Richard Odada*
6 Oliver Semmle
7 Joaquin Torres*


Designated Players (3)
No. Name
1 Julian Carranza
2 Daniel Gadag
3 Mikael Uhre^


U 22 Initiative Players (1)
No. Name
1 Olwethu Makhanya


Unavailable Players (6)
No. Name
1 Brandan Craig
2 Richard Odada
3 Nicholas Pariano
4 Nelson Pierre
5 Matt Real
6 Joaquin Torres



  • *Indicates player is currently unavailable, and club may receive roster/international spot relief, but not Salary Budget relief unless otherwise determined pursuant to the loan agreement.
  • ^Player cannot be converted from a Designated Player to a non-Designated Player by using Targeted Allocation Money.
  • Off-roster Homegrown players can appear in MLS matches via a Short-Term Agreement.


  1. Lots of information that was mostly useless to me. Who are they going to target if Caranza leaves mid season. Any thoughts??????. Can’t go deep with existing forwards minus Caranza

    • Tim Jones says:

      No way to estimate targets from outside the organization. None.
      No idea what Carranza will do. If he is truly determined to leave, nothing can stop him.
      The only constraint on his free agency is that IF he does not get the offer he wants, he needs a place to play. And that place needs to showcase his talent and productivity.
      He has showcased himself well in Philadelphia. Whether he would be willing to return for another year if nothing emerges over the summer, we will not begin to know until after summer transfer windows close on or about September 1st,
      The Union would have to judge whether he would be willing to stay in that case.
      If he is not, Jonathan Tannenwald is absolutely correct that from a hard-headed business point of view they should sell him this summer for whatever they can get.
      Carranza has worked hard and conducted himself as a thorough-going professional to get himself to this point where he will have genuine choice and opportunity that he controls. He has earned his opportunity fair and square, just as Kai Wagner did last year.
      The choices will be his to make, as they were Wagner’s last winter.

      • I gather from what your saying is that if Caranza leaves in September, there will be no replacement with his skills from the outside who can push the Union through the playoffs. I guess that will fall on the shoulders of ????? Maybe …. the Sullivan brothers will save the season. Maybe Leeds let’s Aaronson transfer to the Union ??? Just half serious but wishful thinking. .

  2. Deep dive here, Tim. Thanks for the work.

  3. DanielHaus215 says:

    Great information and read. Thank you Tim.

  4. OneManWolfpack says:

    This was good stuff. Good information. THANKS!

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