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Fans’ view: PPL Park steps onto the world stage

Philly fans have two opportunities to show the world how great the Union’s support is with the Aston Villa friendly and All-Star Game.

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Fans’ View: That Doopin’ Feelin’

Do you know what it feels like to ride a unicorn across a rainbow eating a perfect cheeseburger just after being given a pot of gold? Neither does Seth Finck, but he thinks Doop might be pretty close.

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Fans’ View: What to rant about now?

Given the team is showing some signs of life, a father takes a half step back to view game day through the eyes of a child.

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Fans’ view: A Son of Ben in Afghanistan

Lori Bilyou loved to watch Union games from the River End with her beloved Sons of Ben. Today, she’s trying to watch the games from Afghanistan, where she is currently serving with the Delaware National Guard. Lori tells her story with this missive from Afghanistan, as PSP’s fan posts series continues.

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Fans’ View: Fans from afar

Avery Kravitz reminds everyone that Union fans don’t only live in the area.

Fans' View / Featured / Reading United AC

Fans’ view: The Reading-Philly connection

A look at the Reading-Philadelphia sport connection ahead of Saturday’s friendly between Reading United and the Union.

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Fans’ view: Lots of head scratching

It’s not the talent, it’s the tactics. Peter Nowak bought all the ingredients and it’s on him to blend them correctly. Our series of fan posts continues.

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Fans’ view: Where has the DOOP gone?

The DOOP went on a road trip in 2011 and hasn’t come back. One Union fan wonders where it went in the latest installment of PSP’s fan posts.

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Fans’ view: Alternate Union realities

Here’s the latest of PSP’s fan posts, with Union fan Seth Finck dreaming up alternatives to the Union’s MLS malaise. Hint: Bob Rigby isn’t involved, but Marty McFly, grammar school field days, and Peter Nowak are.

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Fan’s view: The work of a fan

We asked Philly soccer fans for your views. You responded. Here’s the first of a series of posts from Philadelphia soccer fans sharing the fan’s view. Chris Rudderow kicks it off, talking about how Philadelphia Union was the team he’d waited for since the Penn-Jersey Spirit faded away.