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Fans’ View: Superstition and the U

Photo: Earl Gardner

A painful loss like last week’s got me drinking—and thinking.

I came to some pretty solid conclusions. The Union haven’t give us a warm happy consistent feeling in a long long time…

And it’s all my fault.

Wait, what, how? Yes, it’s my fault.

Let’s take a look back, and I’ll explain everything.

The last time we felt that true tested “warm and fuzzies” on this team was October 15th 2011. We were going to quickly dispatch Toronto FC and head towards our first ever (and, as it turned our, only) playoff appearance. Why do I remember this so clearly? Well, because I crashed my car (and wrote all about here—gentle reminder—you’re all amazing folks and left such great comments).

I want to get that feeling back (of winning, not crashing… that feeling didn’t feel so great). I want to experience again that sense of being a happy Union fan—that feeling that comes with consistency, fun and quality ball. Sometimes it feels like we’re close; sometimes, like last week, we get really frustrated.

I must have randomly rolled out so many questions out loud during the Union/Revs game. Where’s Kleberson? Where’s Soumare? Cruz is fast, but will his crash and burn play injure him so big time? And of course, “Seriously, where’s Kleberson?

But I think we as fans, a great set of fans, need to take a page from the mighty Spike Lee. Spike tweets about his New York Knicks daily, he calls for “Orange and Blue Skies” all over the world, he wears the gear, he drinks an orange and blueberry smoothie before the games. Maybe THIS is the sort of thing we need to do.

A monument to remind

A monument to remind

Now, should I crash my car before every game? That would hurt and eventually get expensive, so maybe not (though if it helps the Union…wait no, well maybe).

But tell me, how are we distributing our good will for the Union? I started off by getting a pair of navy sneakers and looping them with gold laces. This ended badly: Nowak did Nowakian things, and I realized that those shoes needed to be buried away like the Ark in the first Indiana Jones movie.

What are we doing? How do we as fans get this team back on track? Do we need to have a drink at Rico’s Lounge in Chester? Should I be playing “I’m looking over a four leaf clover” like I did in Year 2? Should I be more clever with my union scarf and Phillies “Ruiz” shirt like I also did in Year 2? What will it take for us to get our Navy and Gold Skies over the world?

Let’s will some luck, maybe get really superstitious. (It’s OK if it gets a little weird, this approach is working for Spike and his Knicks.) Starting this week, I’m going to play “Four Leaf Clover” on game day again, and maybe, just maybe, I’ll give those sneakers another chance. And while I’ll try not to crash another car, I will keep this monument to it over my TV where I watch the Union games.

So, go get em Union, you’ll never Doop alone. We’ll see to that.


  1. The ark was hidden at the end of that movie. You should melt those shoes like a Nazi face.

  2. Best superstition I’ve come up with so far is a bottle of Perfect Union merlot in the parking lot before the game. It’s worked every time that I can remember.

  3. I’m breakinging out my Oktoberfest lederhosen… I got them in Munich last fest and what the hell, might as well get some more use out of them. Hopefully it’ll bring some luck

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