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Fans’ View: A miracle (until proven otherwise)

Undefeated in 2013! (so far)

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Fans’ View: Bye, bye Beckham

A lot has changed since Beckham joined the league six years ago. With his departure imminent, Tim Carr looks back.

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Fans’ View: Three-Bloody-Nil

Sure, the season ended on a low note (that was a quarter-step flat to boot), but would it have made sense any other way?

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Fans’ View: Freedom’s just another word

Yes, the Union season drifts to an ignominious end. Yet the young lads are playing it out loud and proud.

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Fans’ View: Come Together

As in music, there are supergroups in soccer. But big names don’t guarantee chemistry.

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Fans’ View: You’ll never DOOP alone

Some see the Union’s third season as a failure. But Tim Carr thinks the tough season has only brought Union fans closer together.

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Fans’ View: Looking back

It’s been a tough season but not one without some great moments. For one Union supporter, these include starting the season in the River End.

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A reprise; as there has been no reprieve

The year started, and appears to be ending, in abject failure for the Union but that does not equal (or allow) failure by us fans.

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Fans’ View: Thanks for the thrills

What do you do when you have a nightmare that your favorite Union player is leaving the club?

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Fans’ view: The traveling circus

One fan talks about the joys of traveling into someone else’s house and giving them hell. He may not make the best house guest, but it’s a recipe for great soccer fandom.

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