Articles written by: John Ling

John is a computer programmer by day, freelance game designer by night, and father of two all the time. He used to be one of those misguided people who believe soccer is boring, until he saw his first live match. In addition to the Union, he follows the Phillies, Flyers, and Sixers.

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Fans’ View: The future’s so bright

Union fan John Ling says the team’s attention to its youngest supporters bodes well for the future.

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Fans’ View: The 43-year-old rookie

Feeling odd to be coaching soccer while never having played, John Ling decided it was time to look for a team. The trick was finding one that was friendly to out-of-shape middle-aged men with no playing experience.

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Fans’ View: Don’t cross the line

The MLS “Don’t Cross the Line” campaign deserves to be applauded, but subtle forms of gender discrimination still remain. John Ling explains.

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Fans’ View: Like a good neighbor

PPL Park is, essentially, one giant neighborhood with a great diversity of neighbors.

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Fans’ View: A day in the life of a ball kid

And now for something different … A Philadelphia Union ball kid shares what it was like to be a ball kid.

Photo by Earl Gardner
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Fans’ View: Athletes can still make great role models

Sebastien Le Toux and Abby Wambach have been great role models for at least one young girl. (She apparently named her hermit crab Seba!)

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Fans’ view: The soccer dad’s communication breakthrough

New Fans’ View writer John Ling explains how a shared love of soccer and Philadelphia Union helps him connect with his 12-year-old daughter.