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Philadelphia Soccer History

Philly Soccer 100: New league planned, another announced, cup play, and league results

One hundred years ago this week in Philadelphia soccer, a new Delco league was announced and a “monster” amateur league was planned.

Philadelphia Soccer History

Philly and the founding of the US Soccer Federation

When efforts to form a national soccer organization seemed to have been shattered in 1913, Philadelphia stepped into the breach.

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Abolish the penalty kick

100 years ago, the Philadelphia Inquirer led the call in American soccer circles to eliminate the penalty kick.

Philadelphia Soccer History / US Soccer History

Philly and the first USA international tour

The US played its first full international in Sweden during the the First World War. Philadelphia-area players were an important part of that team.

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Christmas soccer 1916: Bethlehem Steel in St. Louis

While Philadelphia soccer fans watched a soccer double header at the Phillies Ball Park on Christmas Day in 1916, Bethlehem Steel FC, holders of the National Challenge Cup and the American Cup, had traveled to St. Louis for two games to decide the unofficial title of champion of the United States.