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Daily news roundups

It’s time to fill ‘er up!

A bounty from the the local pro media ahead of Saturday’s Union home opener. The ferret says “win.” Kerfuffle between Union and SoBs? What they’re thinking in Vancouver. USA v Argentina previews and more morning news.

Daily news roundups

Injury scares, sighs of relief

Injury concerns for Le Toux and Mondragon prove to be nothing. Union relaxed and focused on set pieces. Some on the down-slope NFL guy thinks he’s playing for Sporting KC. USMNT Argentina/Paraguay friendlies roster announced, more news.

Daily news roundups / Featured

Ruiz opens his account

Carlos Ruiz scores as the Union play first Greece friendly this morning. Those Michael tweets from Torres – is Orozco Fiscal gone? More on the new MLS playoff format. US U-17 team CONCACAF champions, more news.

Daily news roundups / Featured

Union land in Greece, more news

The Union are in Greece. Are the Union in talks with some guy named Ervin Skela? Ruiz on what he wants to do, Dellacamera on why Ruiz is a good thing. The new MLS playoff format and why it sucks plus much, much more.

Daily news roundups / Featured

An inspirational young man, more news

More on a very impressive Chris Agorsor. Ryan Richter named Philly Soccer Six Player of the Year. Seitz talks about his ups and downs. Seattle season ticket slump? Could Jack Warner’s days (fingers crossed!) finally be numbered? All this and more morning news.

Daily news roundups / Featured

GQ UK: SoB are poseurs, more news

GQ UK features Sons of Ben as a bunch of poseurs. Mondragon already leading. Timbers to paint the plane. Video proves women do know the offside rule. Your Footy on the Telly listings and more morning news.

Featured / Local

2010: The best and worst of Philly soccer

PSP takes a look at the best and worst of Philly soccer, from PPL Park and Holmfridur to Joe Biden and the World Cup (or lack thereof).

Daily news roundups / Featured

No keeper deal yet, Salinas told he was protected, more news

Discussions but no deal with Mondragon; Salinas told by Nowak he was protected; Portland’s new boring kit; MLS better than England’s Championship; FIFA folly; your weekend soccer listings and more news.

Daily news roundups

Pardon me, but my train is here; more news

Zach Pfeffer is back from a successful spell in Germany; Salinas already impressing in Vancouver; More transfer rumors; more World Cup fallout; questions as to whether CONCACAF voted for US bid; Barcelona’s adventures in modern transport after farcical league decision to play scheduled match despite air traffic controllers strike, more news.

Daily news roundups

Injuries made Salinas “expendable,” more news

Your post-Thanksgiving holiday roundup includes reaction to Salinas and Moreno draft, possible big name comings-and-goings in MLS, FIFA related wackiness ahead of Thursday’s WC vote, video of a goalie being chased by a turkey and more news.