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Daily news roundups

News roundup: Union 2022 schedule, MLS free agency, Tottenham vs Liverpool controversy

Plus, Covid continues to affect games around the world.


Brrrrr…MLS Cup Final needs a different date, one way or the other

Freezing conditions undoubtedly had an affect on the quality of play in Saturday’s MLS Cup final. What’s a league to do? Earl Reed explores.


2014 MLS schedule shows promise on TV front

MLS has a TV ratings problem. Earl Reed looks at the just released 2014 TV schedule and sees positive change, though challenges remain.


MLS scheduling – why must it be so difficult?

A report Tuesday claimed MLS owners were considering cutting the league schedule to 28 games. PSP’s Earl Reed thinks that’s bonkers.


Rumors, Anticipation Building Toward First Kick

With all of the news items having to do with Philadelphia soccer over the last few weeks, one might expect things to cool down until the season starts. Not likely. Though the Superdraft is over, and the Union roster a step closer to completion with USMNT Defender Michael Orozco on-board, things are […]