Rumors, Anticipation Building Toward First Kick

With all of the news items having to do with Philadelphia soccer over the last few weeks, one might expect things to cool down until the season starts. Not likely. Though the Superdraft is over, and the Union roster a step closer to completion with USMNT Defender Michael Orozco on-board, things are just heating up. The Union players and staff are off to Greensboro, North Carolina in the coming days to open camp and Union supporters are selecting their seats in Chester Stadium. Recent estimates of season tickets sold are just over 9,000, with a jump in sales expected after the full schedule is announced. Expect MLS to come out with the full-season schedule shortly and we will hopefully see a resolution on the pending Collective Bargaining Agreement in the near future as well. We may also expect news on single-game tickets and maybe even a shirt sponsor in the next few weeks – its an exciting time to be a Philadelphia soccer fan.

Need something to get you ready for this news-heavy week?

If you missed it in the jumble, The Philadelphia Daily News reports they have an exclusive source about a sponsorship deal over in Chester. The source reveals that Pennsylvania Power and Light, or PPL, is closing in on a deal for the naming rights to Union Field. Supporters are already speculating on the formal name of the stadium, but I’m partial to “The Lighthouse” or the iconic “Stadium of Power and Light”. Sounds like something straight out of a superhero comic.

Should be an entertaining week in domestic soccer. Stay tuned.


  1. I actually like “Stadium of Power and Light.” Hearing ESPN anchors say it would be hilarious.

    • No matter what they call it officially, im sure among supporters and bloggers it will carry an interesting name or two. Guess we’ll have to see if the mainstream media picks up on our jokes though…

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