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Raves: Shea Salinas

Our raves series continues with a look at the only real winger on the Union’s roster, Shea Salinas.

Featured / Raves / Union

Raves: Roger Torres

Who doesn’t love Roger Torres? He’s tremendously skilled and explosive. It’s something of a mystery why he disappeared a bit, but here’s why we love him and why we think he’ll be even better next season.

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Raves: Danny Mwanga

The first Philadelphia Union player to get his own personal fan chant is the next to get his rave. With Danny Mwanga, there’s a lot to rave about.

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Raves: Justin Mapp

We tip our cap to Mapp – the slightly underachieving, immensely talented, somewhat balding left wing Union sensation!

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Raves: Jack McInerney

He’s the youngest Union player, one of the smallest, and maybe the most daring. Jack McInerney, here’s your rave.

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Raves: Danny Califf & Michael Orozco Fiscal

Everyone loves Sebastien Le Toux, but goal-scoring doesn’t matter if you can’t stop the other team, as Philadelphia Union fans learned the hard way. Now that the shutouts are finally coming, it’s largely because of center backs Danny Califf and Michael Orozco Fiscal. PSP raves about the center back pairing of the Union’s present and hopefully the future.

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Raves: Kyle Nakazawa

Continuing our series on why you should love particular players as much as particular bloggers do, we take a look at free-kick phenom Kyle Nakazawa, and why he should see more of the pitch.

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Raves: Holmfridur Magnusdottir

Our series of “Raves,” in which PSP’s writers each pick out one Philadelphia player to rave about and tell you why you should love them too, continues with a look at Holmfridur Magnusdottir of the Philadelphia Independence, the best left back in Philadelphia. Along the way, there’s a bit on why you should care about the women’s game.

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Raves: Admit it, your heart bleeds Le Toux

Sebastian Le Toux is your favorite player, whether you know it or not. Find out why. Check out the first of our “Raves,” a series in which PSP’s writers each pick out one Philadelphia player to rave about and tell you why you should love them too.

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