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I've followed MLS since its inception, but I was dying for the day Philadelphia (having grown up in suburban Burlington County) got its own MLS team. Since then, I've been a Union fan -- even if I've only attended two matches.

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Fans’ View: The end is near

While some fans grow weary of the Union, Rashaad Jorden finds sadness in the nearing end of season.

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Fans’ View: The best place for impromptu soccer

Fans’ View writer Rashaad Jorden has played pickup soccer all over the world, but there’s one spot he enjoys most.

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Fans’ View: Too much soccer on TV?

The “less is more” approach (in regards to watching about soccer on TV) may make the sport more enjoyable

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Fans’ View: A Flashback to My Youth

The Street Soccer USA took me back to my childhood soccer-playing days.

Photo by Earl Gardner
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Fans’ View: If only …

“If only” could summarize one fan’s feelings about the Union’s season thus far.

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Fans’ View: The great unknown

The question of Union wins is a great unknown for fans, who have gone quite a while without one.