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Fans’ View: If only …

When the Union were trailing late against New York City FC, I was thinking that they just might find an equalizer. Why? I don’t know. But crazier things have happened in soccer than a team seemingly being outplaying scoring a late tying goal.

Until David Villa scored that memorable goal. I would have loved seeing that goal in person at Talen Energy Stadium…

If only David Villa was wearing the blue of the Philadelphia Union instead of New York City.

“If only” could summarize my feelings about the Union’s season thus far:

  • If only we could find the right position for Alejandro Bedoya.
  • If only Keegan Rosenberry wouldn’t have regressed.
  • If only we had signed another forward instead of Jay Simpson.
  • If only Josh Yaro could come back from injury.
  • In only we could find the right No. 10.
  • If only Oguchi Onyewu could find the fountain of youth.
  • If only Bedoya doesn’t miss that penalty against Toronto and Ilsinho’s shot.

The season is obviously far from over. But the way it’s gone, “if only” could summarize a lot of fan’s feelings.


  1. If only Bedoya would play ONE specific position like we were all told.

    If only we tried a different formation.

    If only we didn’t have $900k being wasted for the 2nd straight year on someone who likely won’t play for the Union again.

  2. If only Comcast could take over this franchise and put the right soccer people in position to make this franchise the powerhouse this fan base deserves.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      Excellent Ron Flockhart comment today.
      Loved Flockhart. Go Figure.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      Couldn’t agree more. This team has the stadium (albeit it’s in Chester, but at this point I think we’ll live with it), the fans, the supporters groups, (now) the infrastructure, and the academy… and anything else I may have missed… ALREADY GOING FOR IT. Several of these things are eroding… and quick.
      Comcast, Wawa, Aramark… whatever MAJOR corporation located in this city could cash out our investor (owner), make him happy, and turn this team around. Talon would be packed and rocking… like it used to be. Anyone who can’t see that this fan base is DYING for a real team is blind.
      Please someone bail us out. The only thing we are missing is a real 1st team

  3. el Pachyderm says:

    If only we had a culture with a love so engrained fans stayed in the away stands and sang after a game…

    If you were to play a song Talyat by Tinariwen then superimposed these fans over top we would hear and see the passion in stereo. Go ahead, do it…magic.
    Ever get a chance to see this band of North African refugees…please do not miss it. They were sensational last night. Truly. Special musicians.

  4. I’m a new fan, and pretty new to soccer, but I’m sticking with these guys. All of them. Curtin, Ernie, Sapong, Jay; every last one of them.

    I see a group that’s suffering growing pains, but sticking together. From the ticket sales staff, all the way up. I’ve had great interactions with the team from the customer level.

    I can’t wait til Saturday.

    • OneManWolfpack says:

      One of two things:
      Bless your heart for your optimism and MAN, do I wish I still had that
      Curse you for your wicked sarcasm, that was just absolutely well done

      • Not sarcasm. Maybe naive optimism. I’ve never been a fan of sports and never had a team, but my kid fell in love with soccer and supporting him I learned that futball truly is a beautiful game.

        As such, The Union’s our team no matter what.

        I would love to see 2 men up front, with Pontius, Jones, Herbers, Jay, Sapong, The Gooch, Haris, Keegan, Jack Elliot, and Marguez and Blake as starting the eleven. But it ain’t gonna happen.

        Stay positive. Stay DOOP!

        The guys have the desire and work ethic, it seems. Maybe this year, the second half of the season, we’ll see a similiar and opposite turn around from last.

    • If you are in fact a new fan (and this post isn’t just sarcasm), just know that I’ve been a fan since the team started (and a proud SOB since 2007) and I’m still maintaining a positive attitude about the team. I don’t expect them to compete for the supporters shield, but I don’t see any benefit or enjoyment with approaching every game negatively. I’m realistic with my thoughts and expectations, but I’m not willing to give up on this team yet.
      Things can change quickly in MLS and I’ll be following & supporting the team as much as I can from San Jose (moved here 2 years ago… so thankful for MLS Live).

  5. Dayenu.

    • el Pachyderm says:

      my music reference bows in respect to your music reference.

      • Yes. Music reference…
        Dayenu is roughly “It would have been enough”. On Passover, it’s typical to do a call and response, with the Seder leader saying “If God had only…” and everybody else responding “Dayenu” after each line. Try reading that “If only…” list above saying “Dayenu” after each one.
        The more you Jew.

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