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‘Win-big’ coaching

A review of the new book “Our Competition is the World: Ideas for implementing the United States Soccer Curriculum.”


Ferguson and Mourinho: Reading on business in soccer

A recent business-focused case study and older insider biography provide short and easy reads about how Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho manage not only highly talented rosters, but also highly valuable budgets.


Holiday reading: Hope and delusion in Juarez

Looking for some deep holiday reading about soccer? Well, then PSP has a book for you. Here’s PSP’s review of This Love Is Not for Cowards.

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Legitimate struggles of the IllegitimateS

Whether because of prices or anger at the team, many who sit in Section 133, home of the IllegitimateS, are reportedly not renewing their season tickets. Nate Emeritz explores what this might mean.


Soccer culture shock: From D.C. to Philly

Recently, one PSP writer described his soccer culture shock in moving from Philly to DC. Another PSP writer describes moving in the other direction, from DC to Philly.

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Soccer books for Labor Day weekend

If you have some downtime over the holiday weekend, you may enjoy these two reads about soccer.

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Break the mold for MLS referees

Following Sunday’s refereeing debacle in DC, Nate Emeritz considers what might be done to improve officiating and suggests US soccer should invest in a prominent model of mature (not perfect) refereeing.

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Attending to a rivalry

How real are the I-95 rivalries? A look at Sunday’s Union-DC United match from a red and black perspective.

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Central rivalry

The United-Union-Red Bulls rivalry has become an intense laboratory for a common dilemma in US soccer tactics: how to control a game without a traditional central midfielder.

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Ben Olsen: Swagger and redemption

FC Delco product Ben Olsen never fulfilled the lofty expectations some had for the former NCAA player of the year and MLS rookie of the year. But now he has another chance, as a coach. Can the Pennsylvania native reclaim a role as a face of U.S. soccer? A new PSP contributor — and longtime D.C. United fan — takes a look.