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In pictures: Philadephia Union 3-0 C.F. Monterrey

The Philadelphia Union finished their Leagues Cup Tournament run with a win on Saturday over CF Monterrey in the tournament’s third place match.

The victory earned them a berth into the 2024 Concacaf Champions Cup.

The game had a very different feel to it from the last game against Inter Miami C.F., with lots of empty seats and less energy to support the Boys in Blue. The crowd was equally divided for support for both teams, with Mexican flags in the away supporters section and a bevy of visiting jerseys mixed into the Union blues.

Jesús Bueno got a goal in the first 40 seconds of the game, the fastest goal in Leagues Cup history. Towards the end of the first half, Mikeal Uhre put the ball in the net as well, giving the Union a 2-0 lead at the half. Alejandro Bedoya took the field in the second half and scored the final goal for the home side in the 69th minute. It was his second in as many games as a substitute and it looks the the Captain might be back, even if only part time.


Honoring the wedding day of Sons of Ben president, Jess Gussler, the River End hangs a Tifo behind the goal.


Daniel Gazdag moves the ball across the field as Mikeal Uhre gets in place for have a chance to score.


Quinn Sullivan keeps the ball after a challenge from C.F. Monterrey.


Mikeal Uhre physically challenges C.F. Monterrey.


Mikeal Uhre’s shot is blocked inside the box.


Quinn Sullivan wins the ball in a slide tackle challenge.


Jesús Bueno gets a cross into the box under pressure from C.F. Monterrey.


Daniel Parra receives a yellow card from Juan Gabriel Calderón Pérez for a tackle.


Under pressure from C.F. Monterrey, José Martínez gets ready to pass the ball.


A series of Kia Wagner when he took a “fake” pass and got passed the defender.


Olivier Mbaizo congratulates Mikeal Uhre on a goal in the first half of the game. , Quinn Sullivan joins them.


Daniel Gazdag reacts to missing a shot on goal.


Kai Wagner crosses the ball, as he goes down on the field, to Quinn Sullivan


Quinn Sullivan tries to make a sliding strike for a goal after a cross from Kai Wagner.


Phang decided to join the River End for part of the game.


Kai Wagner jumps over a tackle by Ettson Ayón.


Chris Donovan attempts a header off a corner kick.


Players from the Union talked with head referee, Juan Gabriel Calderón Pérez, at midfield to find out whether Quinn Sullivan’s goal was onside.


José Martínez pressures for the ball against C.F. Monterrey.


Alejandro Bedoya celebrates his tally, the team’s third of the night.


Alejandro Bedoya gets a hug from Kai Wagner after he scored minutes after coming into the match.


Players from C.F. Monterrey react to a play where they felt they deserved a call.


Chris Donovan charges with the ball down field.


Tai Baribo heads toward the bench to take the field for the first time for the Philadelphia Union.


A fan in the River End shows support to Tai Baribo as he runs towards the bench to make his debut.


Tai Baribo takes the field before being called on by the referee.


Andre Blake shows love the fans as he leaves the field at the end of the Leagues Cup series.


The Union take on D.C. United on Saturday the 26th at Audi Field. The game will be available to watch on the MLS channel on Apple TV.

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