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In pictures: New York Red Bulls 0-2 Philadelphia Union

The Philadelphia Union traveled to Red Bull Arena on Saturday night to take on the New York Red Bulls.

The games between these rival teams are always exciting and filled with unforgettable moments. The first half of the match resulted in 3 yellow cards (Jakob Glesnes, Cory Burke, and Jack Elliot) but not scores. Both teams had opportunities to score but were unsuccessful. In the second half, the Union scored twice and continued to frustrate the Red Bulls.

A sad mark on the league took place in extra time when a frustrated Dru Yearwood kicked a ball into the crowd, hitting a fan in the face. The family reacted and would not let Yearwood apologize for his actions. Before leaving the stadium, the fan threw his scarf and hat onto the field. People around the hurt young woman were shocked by the events. Yearwood was given a yellow for unsportsmanlike conduct and was given another yellow when he left the field to check on the hurt girl. Both the Red Bulls and Yearwood both issued statements after the game.

When the game ended, the Union players, coaches, and staff all celebrated the win by thanking the fans. The environment was electric with the players saluting the Sons of Ben, smiling and even taking part in running towards the fan group then jumping and shouting with them to celebrate. With the events at the end of the game you could feel the energy building and everyone acknowledging that something special was happening with the Union as the playoffs near.

Could this is the year the Union win MLS Cup?


A scenic shot of the Union prekick-off huddle at Red Bull Arena.


A new official MLS ball debuted at the game, this one featuring only a yellow and orange color palette in honor of the Kick Childhood Cancer Campaign.


Rowdy and proud, the Supporters section composed mainly of Sons of Ben and Keystone Ultras, chants could be heard throughout the stadium the entire game.


Jack Elliot keeps the ball away from the Red Bulls preventing a scoring opportunity.


Jakob Glesnes clears the ball after a great save by Andre Blake. Blake is tied for first for clean sheets this year in the league with 13.


Jack Elliot was issued a yellow card soon after this challenge against Lucas Lima Linhares.


Jack Elliot is issued a yellow card in the 36th minute.

Kai Wagner yells at the AR for not using his flag to show offside. He brought it to the attention of the referee, Timothy Ford


Daniel Gazdag receives the ball midfield.


Matt Real, making his first start this season, challenges for a header against Daniel Edelman.


Jack Elliot tracks Lewis Morgan as he looks for a path towards the goal.


Red Bull player Elias Manoel Alves de Paula lets the sideline judge know he does not agree with the call in favor of the Union.


Alejandro Bedoya heads the ball after coming in as sub in the 58th minute.


Jack Elliot was issued a yellow card soon after this challenge against Lucas Lima Linhares.


Jack McGlynn gets the ball past Dru Yearwood to Mikael Uhre for the first goal of the night in the 48th minute.


Mikael Uhre takes a strike in stride and put the ball passed Carlos Miguel Coronel for the first goal of the night.


Scoring duo, Jack McGlynn assist to Mikael Uhre, celebrate before the rest of the team joins them.


Celebrating from the top of the stadium to the bottom, Union fans everywhere were feeling the electricity!


Daniel Gazdag receives the ball midfield.


The duo of Mikael Uhre and Daniel Gazdag are hard to beat. Uhre registered his sixth assist since doing the team.


Under pressure by Kyle Duncan, Daniel Gazdag is able to take the shot and score his 18th goal of the season. He has now scored 11 goals in the last 11 games and sits in 3rd for most goals in the MLS for the 2022 season.


Carlos Miguel Coronel missed the shot from Daniel Gazdag and watches as the ball goes into the net.


A fan of the Red Bulls reacts after the second goal scored on the night, the one by Daniel Gazdag.


Rowdy and proud, the Supporters section composed mainly of Sons of Ben and Keystone Ultras, chants could be heard throughout the stadium the entire game.


Mikael Uhre works to get the ball around Sean Nealis from the Red Bulls after a long pass from Bedoya.


Dru Yearwood is talked to by Union Captain, Alejandro Bedoya before Yearwood decides to go into the stands to apologize.


After Dru Yearwood lost his temper and kicked a ball into the crowd, a fan reacts to the injury of a loved one. Fans all around were in shock.


Alejandro Bedoya looks at the fans in concern after Dru Yearwood kicked the ball out of frustration and inadvertently hit a fan in the face. Due Yearwood walks off the field after trying to apologize, in remorse.


Carlos Miguel Coronel starts play again after Dru Yearwood is red carded in the extra time


Jim Curtin thanks he fans that made the trip to support the team against rival, The Red Bulls, bringing the club record for most points in a single season to 60.


The Union celebrate the win against the Red Bulls, the 17th of the season, with the fans in the Supporters Section. With this win, the club has a new club record, with most wins in a single season.


The Boys in Blue salute the fans and enjoy sharing the moment with the Supporters Group on the top level of Red Bull Arena.


Andre Blake and Olivier Mbaizo celebrate the win while Paxten Aaronson looks on. At the end of the match, chants of MVP echoed through the stadium.


Andre Blake dances off the field while being serenaded by the fans from Philly.


The Union take on Orlando City at home this Saturday at 7:30 p.m.



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