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PSP Kit Craziness 2021: Elite Eight

Last week the Union scored a massive victory, picking up the win in their first-ever PSP Kit Craziness matchup. They also snaggeed a pretty good result in Costa Rica, but I’ll let Mike Servedio handle that one. 

PSP’s Kit Craziness continues this week with the results of the Sweet 16, and the opening of voting for the Elite 8. Last week’s matchups saw all higher seeds advancing for the first time in the tournament, with most matchups being fairly decisive. Here’s how each poll went down by the numbers. 

(1) Philadelphia vs. (9) Nashville 

Unbiased? No. Fair? Yes. No surprises here. 

(4) Montreal (Primary) vs. (12) Toronto 

The second tie of the tournament. Montreal goes through on a coin flipped by Chris. 

(2) LA Galaxy vs. (10) Miami 

Disgustingly lopsided, which, to be fair, could’ve been predicted. 

(14) Orlando vs. (11) Portland

Closer than a lot of the other matchups this round, and rightfully so. Not much to separate these two, but Portland will find themselves in the Elite 8. 

(1) Vancouver vs. (9) Minnesota

Tighter than you’d expect a 1, 9 matchup to be, but Vancouver dances on and sends Minnesota home. 

(4) Austin (Primary) vs. (12) Sporting Kansas City

Another tight matchup between two similarly stripy designs. Could Austin’s primary be becoming a sleeper pick? 

(2) San Jose vs. (10) Montreal (Secondary)

Total blowout and the third-largest margin of victory this round. Props to Montreal’s secondary for making it this far at all.

(14) Houston vs. (6) Austin (Primary)

A close one between two kits totally devoid of design elements. Austin goes through, rightfully so, in my opinion. 


Now onto the Elite 8, with breakdowns from my aesthetics associate, Chris Gibbons.

(1) Philadelphia vs. (4) Montreal (Primary)

Philly’s new kit speaks for itself: top-rated by ESPN and beloved on every thread nerd site the world over. Montreal (who got past Toronto on a coin flip) have a really solid new entry whose subtlety actually shows through.

(2) LA Galaxy vs. (11) Portland 

A Galaxy all-timer, a late 90’s throwback, against Portland’s consistently solid 2021 entry. Green is the theme, and one suspects both clubs are making it off these shirts.

(1) Vancouver vs. (4) Austin (Primary) 

A Vancouver classic, with details sewn instead of melted. No small task, and worth not overlooking. Austin comes in heavy with their home shirt, setting their brand right off the bat.


(2) San Jose vs. (6) Austin (Secondary) 

The Quakes go throwback, too, with a simple entry that harkens and updates at the same time. Austin’s away makes it because of how sharp their green is. Otherwise, it’s a template kit.

Like always, voting takes place over on the PSP Twitter, with embedded poll links showing up here a few minutes after publication. Voting ends Saturday morning! 

(All kit images sourced from Footy Headlines)

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